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FiveM Development Update 2.5.11

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OzzyGaming FiveM Development Update 27/08/2022

Another update for you all. At the current point in time the main focus of the Development team is bug fixes with some new features here and there.
We hope you all enjoy this update.

- You can no longer buy more than 5 Ammo Containers.
- Police armoury no longer gives two Glocks.
- Using @everyone in twitter will no longer ping MCD. Messages containing #'s are now visible in the MCD logs.
- Barber shop icons are back.
- EMS Society Fixed.
- MCD Business logs are fixed.
- Police High Command and AFP can now access the police society.
- Fixed organ dupe where multiple people could harvest the same organ at the same time.
- Using the animation menu would allow a player to walk around while performing an action. This is no longer the case.
- Re-wrote MCD Fake ID and Fake Tweet scripts/commands and are now working.
- Dragging a gun that you already have from an apartment inventory/car inventory into your own will produce an error instead of deleting it.
- Players can now use the "Transfer" option in the ATM to send money.
- Players can now invite each other into Paleto apartment.
- Pulling a weapon out of your apartment that you already have will no longer delete it.
- Pulling a weapon out of a boot that you already have will no longer delete it.
- Black Market now checks if you have a weapon before taking your money.
- Black Market will no longer keep selling you items if you are carrying the max.
- Some clothing stores didn't work, now they do.

- Gumtree is now logged for MCD Detectives.
- Showing an ID now has an emote attached to it.
- Added a garage to the drag strip.
- Added garages to every business.
- Added garages to every org MLO.
- Added a garage to the prison.
- Added garages at some boat docks.
- Added garages to Mission Row PD, Paleto PD, Pillbox Hospital and Paleto Hospital. (These are locked to their jobs.)
- Added garages to Sandy Shores and Paleto Apartments.
- Radios now show a message when someone leaves your channel.
- Civilians can now buy radios from the hardware store.
- Added /GetBuildVersion command, this should be used when submitting bug reports.

- Animal Emotes from the emote menu and stopped them from being played with /e
- Remove Helicopter delete point from roof of Paleto Hospital
- Temporarily removed Character Switch and Job Center in Sandy Shores.
- Removed broken MCD Twitter/Fake ID commands (mcdsetfakename/mcdshowid/ftwitter)
- Removed "Attitude" button from action menu as its no longer in use.
- Removed garages on top of mount chiliad.
- Removed music from the arcade.

- EMS can now drive their vehicles while off duty.
- Senior Sergeants can now access carbine rifles.
- Value of turtles reduced. (Get off the water...)
- Changed emote menu banner.
- Moved garage from postcode 61 to 66.

The Development team look forward to pushing more updates out for you guys. Enjoy!

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