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FiveM Development Update 2.5.10

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OzzyGaming FiveM Development Update 23/08/2022

Hey all,
First development update from the team of many more to come.
This update is mainly addressing some bugs and making some QOL improvements, it also comes with an extra vehicle for businesses and a few new cars.

- You can no longer use the "Third Eye" feature while downed.
- Putting on a police vest will no longer cause a looping animation.
- EMS Garages consolidated into a single function
- Paleto and Pillbox hospital now have markers again
- Zipties are now removed from the correct person

- Using a police badge will now perform an animation to show the badge.
- Utility Business Vans now added for Bars and Nightclubs (Will be added to garages soon)
- Added locks to the lower pillbox area
- Added the Reliant Robin to vehicle dealers for Gold Subscribers
- Added the Range Rover 2014 to vehicle dealers for Gold Subscribers
- Added the Mustang 1965 to vehicle dealers for Platinum Subscribers
- Added the Supra A90 to vehicle dealers for Platinum Subscribers
- The ability to force emotes using new emote system.

- Tear Gas launcher removed from all PD armouries.
- EMS and Fire Explorer removed from EMS vehicles.
- Life Flight heli removed from EMS vehicles.
- "donotsell" and "webstore" categories removed from car dealers.
- EMS Menu at Mount Zonah removed

- EMS Menus are now using the new menu system and have been redesigned for a more user friendly experience.
- The EMS vehicle garage at pillbox has been moved into the lower section of the hospital.
- Prison Bus now has a boot space of two tons.
- Police rank unlocks have been brought inline with SOPs
- Consolidated Donor1 and Donor2 vehicle categories to "Gold Subscriber"
- Consolidated Donor3 and Donor4 vehicle categories to "Platinum Subscriber"
- Ferrari Portofino moved from gold subscriber restricted to all [Sports]
- Ferrari F355 Spyder moved from gold subscriber restricted to all [Sports]
- VW Amarok moved from platinum subscriber restricted to all [Off-road]
- Yamaha YZ450F moved from platinum subscriber restricted to all [Motorcycles]
- EMS Paychecks and EMS revive rewards are increased.

The Development team look forward to pushing more updates out for you guys. Enjoy!

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