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Hiya all - looking to come back

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Some of you may remember me from Altis Life. As a civilian, I was a jack of all trades and loved every moment. I was mostly a lone wolf but did enjoy playing off the various rebel gangs. At one point being an active spy and informant on both gangs.

As a police officer I reached the rank of Senior Constable (but ended up unofficially quitting because a couple bad apples messed up the fun -for me- of being a police officer causing a lot of extra rules to be added to protocol). I was a no nonsense hardass cop which lead to all sorts of interesting fun scenarios.

In the end, I spent most of my time as a medic. I never decided to go for the pilot's license for medics as I enjoyed the RP of being ground crew. This DID cause some issues with a few civilians when I was the only medic online and it seemed the whole server was involved in constant mass murder!

I did bend the rules a couple times as a medic when I came across an accident site where a police chopper had crashed. I stashed all the weapons in the ambulance and took them back to the police. This was about 30 minutes after one occasion where people were complaining I was not fast enough. The police were very appreciative and I did it mainly because I knew those weapons were going to be found by someone and knew from experience that those weapons were going to result in another murder spree which I did not feel like dealing with given the rather poor attitude I was receiving from the citizenry at the time.

I swear that day :D hahaha. One person would die, and while I revived them 2 more would die about 5km away from me and then half way there a few more would die which ended up being 10km away from the earlier call. It all snowballed from there.

Looking forward to rejoining OzzyGaming in GTA if yall will have me again :)

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