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Common RP terms

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Here are some terms you may hear throughout the city. Try and use these terms for a better RP experience. I know when I first started these would of helped a lot!

Meaning - Terminology

Computer crashed - Head pop

Lag - Brain freeze

Staff - Government/Gods

Temp ban - Holiday/Vacation

Perm ban - Deported

AFK - In my head/In their head

Computer - Brains

Server - In city

IRL - Out of city

Server restart - Tsunami

NPC - Local

Screen - Eyes

Headphones - Ears

Streaming - Bodycam/Livecam

Microphone - Voicebox

Not on my screen - Not in my eyes

Discord - E-mails

You're glitching - Spider on your foot

Restart game - Refresh my eyes/Fly out then back in.

Press this key - Flex [KEYBOARD] muscle/Think about [KEYBOARD] muscle
Modder/Hacker - Wizard

Your mic is playing up - Clear your throat

My keyboard isn't working - My hands are having a fit

FPS - blinks per second

Game queue - Boarding line/Line at the airport

Textures playing up - Something in my eye

Joining/Leaving server - Fly in/Fly out

No doubt I have forgot some, feel free to tell me what I have missed and I will add them :)

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