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Tony ElArma

Hey Guys

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Hey guys, My IC name is Tony ElArma. I just joined the server a few days ago. I quite enjoy the server as considering its my 1st server FiveM server I've been playing continuously one. I'm used to RPing in SAMP so the basics are here and there. But FiveM RP is much more nice and fun given the fact we need to talk to players rather then just typing out what you want to say to others on the chat box.

I've met a couple of nice people, hoping to meet more and RPing with yous. Learning the ropes of the city to earn money is abit hard, however I feel if I can make enough money to do the right things it would be easy to make new mates and RP easier.

I hope to meet more of yous in game and have a lovely day everyone and stay safe.

Tony ElArma

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