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John Doe

How to fix UI's getting stuck on your screen!

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Hey Guys! Some of you may or may not know me but I'm John Doe. Just wanted to give you all a guide on fixing common UI bugs. If you know of a UI bug that I haven't included, feel free to send me a message and I'll add it later! If any of the instructions are confusing, there is a video at the bottom that shows what to do and what keys I am pressing!

Stuck in inventory

Note: All of these fixes require two people, please do not pester EMS or Police for help. Just go buy the supplies or park the car in front of the person.


  1. Get a friend to knock you out and zip tie you.

  2. Get said friend to move you near an unlocked car. (A civ car works best as locks like to play up sometimes).

  3. Hold XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG and press IE10EJ-2ZwtddJ9nDJiuK3N3ACshw8zwjMDUaE4vaCvCUiU_pLvhsgIuQkJ_qzs6YrTzampXcfjLsTLuRiVY2WAq07RMrgFs-4GtA1QBWtdcd_vTHoeWc12AdUK0em3NKK6I3A2K, you should now be in the boot of the vehicle. If it says "No vehicle nearby" near the bottom of your screen then get your friend to move you around until it works.

  4. You can now close the boot and get said friend to untie you.

Note: Said friend can also drive a vehicle in front of you.

Cops Only

While near another player, press and hold _t8_FVrhOVy_jeN4INfpzsA9ir-gnpk3I8ynKJil6KR0rT8LDMampAypMzMQiIVpJercYgcyrLfGDGkmrPkg3lroxpgpxGdUjQxn1X14EFXUhH3qIkVs30Rlodb4Ql5eGNahGnch while also holding XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG. This should open your job actions menu. Now press on "Search Civilian", this should open up that person's inventory. You should now be able to close their inventory and continue on your way.

Civilians Only

Note: This will only work if you already had a gun out before the inventory got stuck on your screen.

  1. Get a friend to stand near you with their hands up.

  2. Press EffsBwewUTqrZFJutEoYzewJ25zpx-jsMkdVwHFwwEKLE7e4pJiwgTS9m0k6iBb-KUzjBDvc6ESXyxKY8jh5IJxNZprAPN5H9LNDllNuh8D6IzIEumshnrBGQUyG0FgGPjGrTrR7 while holding XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG.

  3. Now type "/rob" into chat and press enter.

  4. You should now be in your friend's inventory, close their inventory and you should be good!

Radar remote stuck (Cop/EMS)

Note: If your radar comes up at the same time as your CAD you will have to disconnect and rebind your radar key in settings.

In order to fix your radar being stuck on your screen you just need to press XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG + <Radar Key> (FbZOZBL6z5DbD2JxW6ALqT4wkUnB8IIvvUYCTOTJkUP7oDa2N1u4rgW_Jer-SFWlqiCiRP8Wm5TPeopOM_iZVHfvq_JTmwvX_Onm4jTNhEDGGKIHLPSEz8HhEFqhjiYQ23mB5ULI by default). You should now be able to interact with the radar remote and simply pressing escape should close it!

Action menu stuck

If your action menu is stuck all you need to do is press your _t8_FVrhOVy_jeN4INfpzsA9ir-gnpk3I8ynKJil6KR0rT8LDMampAypMzMQiIVpJercYgcyrLfGDGkmrPkg3lroxpgpxGdUjQxn1X14EFXUhH3qIkVs30Rlodb4Ql5eGNahGnch while holding XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG. You should now be able to interact with your action menu and close it by performing an action/pressing LvncbZeuk1RjdWt1AGs3XF5s8psqcUFBv1InR7QVVTP_CHIKofjC6OGX6gSfn7wIwUF1NRTG5brulX9UqZnCYS4WPwiMVUkG-CTPM524kKjbrfQmnNh67FB1TpBNXSNYWM6ejZTQ/pressing your tilde key _t8_FVrhOVy_jeN4INfpzsA9ir-gnpk3I8ynKJil6KR0rT8LDMampAypMzMQiIVpJercYgcyrLfGDGkmrPkg3lroxpgpxGdUjQxn1X14EFXUhH3qIkVs30Rlodb4Ql5eGNahGnch.

Stuck on phone

If your phone is stuck on your screen, all you need to do is press ZB2lGaEweoj4ET8ukTnvLGeF43qvdOYSDPDkc7l7bYLy60f3ITA953x7IW8egRGfhuWp0foksNu-1Z3mqHC88p8YV3gbLE09FDzkLUwPJU1fi2GzE5pnysLqEvjMEsl7mFUnuf96 while holding XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG, press XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG + ZB2lGaEweoj4ET8ukTnvLGeF43qvdOYSDPDkc7l7bYLy60f3ITA953x7IW8egRGfhuWp0foksNu-1Z3mqHC88p8YV3gbLE09FDzkLUwPJU1fi2GzE5pnysLqEvjMEsl7mFUnuf96 as many times as necessary until your phone is closed. Once you reopen your phone you will be able to interact with it.

Stuck on ATM

If you are stuck on the ATM just press XTgPOFgx_5b2vDq-WNZkxxwtr4T0pO9Yo-hn-oTxB4SrtlI-Xft0zWdZ2heBfNovnmNOwRm96dVkRbwskF1LX9AuD-WKTGZjV0nfg3eAbh2ugkoApG_XFsk6xGPtxGrv0DBZ3ObG + lUJ5owZrO2C1IcIrrWKCQKgnZ00YjFWmfEwQSdpE-ys4-C5t7nDB0Fdcqh3r7EYMuYVYxmqaBpuZwT8em_AQqG2CibnH4fW3rcASk9cIMT-bLZhm_9SJzY2PYbE3bHRkqdHaqBPE, you can now press LvncbZeuk1RjdWt1AGs3XF5s8psqcUFBv1InR7QVVTP_CHIKofjC6OGX6gSfn7wIwUF1NRTG5brulX9UqZnCYS4WPwiMVUkG-CTPM524kKjbrfQmnNh67FB1TpBNXSNYWM6ejZTQ to close the ATM.

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