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EMS Handbook For Civilians!

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In this handbook is to help you understand how to properly call and interact with an EMS.

1. If you call, call just once!

The last thing an EMS officer wants is getting messages from one person all the time, We will get to you ASAP.

Send just one message.I assure you, EMS will respond even to just one message. If you send more than one message it can Disrupt Dispatch. We cannot know if the call is from the same person or another.

2. Text EMS the exact and short information needed!

DO NOT SEND BLANK MESSAGES as it will NOT be responded too.

No such messages as: "I am dead", "need help" or even no message! We need certain information, Also if your dead you can't call EMS. (Unless you have died due to water/food.)

3. EMS on his way?

If you see an EMS with sirens or lights on and you are on the road you must clear a path for them. Even seconds are important to save a life and if you don't help us pass safely it can cause someone to die.

4. EMS arrival.

When EMS medics arrive they will ask you some questions first.

They will assess your body to learn how badly you are so they can help you. After that they will start explaining what there doing to you so please let him do there job. If you are randomly passing by, Please don't stop to look what has happened if you are not been asked to help.

5. After EMS helps you.

When you are stable and you life is no longer in danger the EMS medic will check your reaction to your treatment to make sure you are reacting well , Once in the clear EMS medic will give you some medicine... etc and give you the all clear. If it is necessary to transport you to the hospital the EMS medic will advise you. Please remember the EMS medic is trying to save your life.

6. EMS is not permitted to take passengers unless its EMS or PD!

So please don't ask for the EMS medic to take you somewhere as we are always on call, Just call a Taxi or someone to pick you up once you are clear to leave.

(Also please take note that sometimes there's only 1 EMS on and is very hard working to get to you ASAP and could take up to 10 minutes due to ROLE PLAY please understand this and NOT be disrespectful.)

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