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Mitta Bojangles

FiveM lags out my internet to the point it cuts out

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Hey all, i was wondering if anyone has any suggestions at all for this problem im getting, whenever i load up fivem and join a server everything seems fine.

About 5 minutes later when ive joined the server my ping sky rockets (up to 20k) so high that i cant even play the game, no one can hear me and i cant hear them, well they can but hear me but not for like 20 seconds later. I lag that bad that my discord disconnects me and the same with TeamSpeak. ive allowed fivem through my firewall deleted my cache but i dont seem to have it fixed.

MY internet speeds are 20-25Mbps down and 10-15Mbps up.

if anyone has anything at all please give me suggestions on how to fix this, because at the moment fivem is unplayable for me

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