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zach walnut

Custom Burgershot Atm

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Hello my fellow bachellors, POG

I Zach Walnut a partial and returning worker of burgershot has devised an outstanding idea which if put forward to the community would provide a more user friendly experience when roleplying within the vicinity of burgershot. My idea is to place an ATM within the store to allow for a more immersive roleplaying experience as users and workers are able to withdraw and deposit money right at the tips of their fingers. Not only would this counteract the fact that this business isnt whitelisted and accepts only cash but it removes the hassle of me having to awnser questions of "The local atm is down the right, to the left, blah blah blah" and then customers having to spend minutes driving back and fourth to withdraw money for a burger. Furthermore it provides a faster service production as burgers, drinks etc can be purchased on site at any given moment and be served fresh leaving a quality and outstanding experience which makes players want to come back for more. The aim of burgershot is not to provide a mudane experience for its customers but to replicate the most realistic real life situations that would actually occur at a fast food restaurantt and i believe that constantly hooning it to the nearest 7/11 for an atm is not one of them. Burgershot is meant to be a virtual representation of a fast food chain, so why not make things easy like they should be and implement an atm for everyones convenience. Also no one likes their food cold :)

Oh also this felt like i was writing an assignment for school, i used turn it in and it says that my paragraph has 1% plagarism. POG

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I don't see why you don't ask for it to become whitelisted. You guys seem to be great at roleplaying it and it would add invoices for burgers/drinks etc. Not only that you could hire a hierarchy of people and have burger shot funds.

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