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I would like peoples thoughts on this idea. What if when we do /i in game or handover something to someone their steam name doesn't show up rather a number shows up and the only way to find out their steam name is if your an admin and your calling them to help desk. This would help reduce metagaming because many people do /i to gain a benefit or upper power in knowing who that person is without actually getting to know their in game. I know this is easier said than done but this would be a gaming chaning idea if it would actually be put in place.

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i agree to a point.. i have an issue with some one that plays, he knows my police character but will meta game the hell out and says all his characters know all of mine , have even caught him doing /i as he did it wrong and it showed up in world chat and when i mentioned it he took off

but some sort of system in place would work great so its one less thing that can be meta gamed

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