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  1. I am available tomorrow through Thursday anytime.
  2. My client pulled out a gun when the other vehicle showed up (The suspects). He didn't know what was going on. Then the SRT in a personal vehicle showed up. He did not know they were cops but as soon as they got out of the vehicle he put it away, put his hands up and complied with everything right away. "Saying that the client pulled a gun because "they were going to rob him" is hearsay" would be a contradiction to the statements provided by the police that they saw a body pulled from the vehicle next to my client's vehicle and in fact also saw a body pulled from my vehicle. So the reason for s
  3. KnowledgeLaw's Court Booking Application ID #9596 Submitted on 06/29/21 at 03:38:37 PM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name BigBadWolf ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Archie Mynx ---------------------- Defendant Name Police Department ---------------------- Claim I Terrell Law Jr, representing my client Archie Mynx. Archie was in Paleto Bay hanging out by himself on the beach when a vehicle pulled up next to his vehicle whom he did not know. He pulled out a gun because they were going to rob him while having the conversation undercover tesla pulled
  4. KnowledgeLaw's Court Booking Application ID #7176 Submitted on 10/24/20 at 06:31:44 AM ---------------------- Plaintiff Steam Name KnowledgeLaw ---------------------- Plaintiff Name Sean Law ---------------------- Defendant Name Police Department ---------------------- Claim I got my vehicle out of the garage, drove about 200 feet. There was someone shooting at the Sandy Garage. SRT unit took down the person that was shooting and pointed a gun at me. I got out of my vehicle to ask why they are pointing the gun at me when I have not done anything wrong. I am lite
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