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  1. Hey and thanks for reading! I'm Jules; that is my real name, yes I do have big Family Jewels. I'm From QLD, i'm 24 and I run a Contractor Crew Monday - Friday, sometimes on Saturdays. So my hours can vary from time to time, but I frequently game after work and when I can. I Enjoy Classic cars, Drifting, and obviously Video Games. I own a 92 300zx, an 03 Diahatsu L251 Charade/Mira and my 97 Ford Courier work ute. I'm a Musician, I play multiple instruments but I main Drums, I enjoy a lot of music but my tastes are quite Niche. I can sometimes come off as elitist with that, but know that I am far from it. I am just Passionate about what I enjoy :) Text me if you wanna chill, 0461709899 Catch me in-game! Cheers :)
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