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  1. My Name is KiLLaa and I am the Vice President for Hell Riders MC. Myself, The President (Screamer) and the rest of our MC have recently moved into town and would like to bring our business with us to help contribute to the community and also have a place to call home, Hell Riders Garage will specialise in repairing and customising vehicles, after being in town the last few weeks we have noticed the lack of mechanics around and also a lack of service from a certain local mechanic shop, as we believe we can do much better we would like to propose the following. OFFICIAL CLUBHOUSE AND GARAGE!! To the left we have The Lost MC old clubhouse that we would like to call our own since they have moved out of town and to the right we have the Garage/ Workshop. Plenty of space to repair and customise vehicles and even has a space for a tow truck or two. GARAGE AND STORAGE!! This is where most of the work will done, comes with automatic folding door. CLUBHOUSE!! This will be the Official Clubhouse for Hell Riders MC, were we can spend our downtime after a hard days work helping our new community. MAP LOCATION!! Located right across the road from the Taxi company, we have quick access to both north and south highways to ensure quick service in and out of the city. Staff as follows: Owner Garage Manager Mechanic 1 Mechanic 2 Mechanic 3 Tow Truck Driver If we have someone off sick for the day we will be sure to pass some business onto our friends at Sudoku. Thanks for listing, any feedback would be appreciated. KiLLaa - Vice President Hell Riders MC
  2. Keen to see this go through, would be nice to see this place up and running, have a place for people to go hangout and chill