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  1. Fancy you mention it, I am currently working on a new proposal for FNSW. I will post it here once it's done! Like the others have said, make sure to apply to EMS! Welcome to the community!
  2. Yep! I wasn't aware, I was having some connectivity issues last night. Thanks again!
  3. This is an amazing idea, especially for players who don't have the money for the subscriptions! If possible, could teamspeak channels be set up for EMS and PD for both servers? This means we wont need to use regional comms for server 2! Thanks again, this will help my mates who are new, to join and get the ozzy experience. HUGE +1!
  4. Hello, this is a test.

  5. Alright here it is,

    G'day I am KAZ, originally played in 2016 on the Altis Life with well over 250+ hours on the server. Currently in the process of moving to policing. Ill stream every know and then, so feel free to chuck us a follow. I am keen to meet new players. You can find my twitch here:

    and the community discord here: https://discord.gg/xxawwEx
    So pop me a message and we can arrange to do something in the community.

    Hope to see you around,


  6. An epic gamer?


  7. Was epic, you guys should consider doing stuff like this more regularly. The later times work well for those that want to sit back and have some fun without interrupting all other players. Overall really well done.
  8. I am streaming, but don't have the perms to post...
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