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  1. ---------------------- What is your RP name? Orlando Mendoza ---------------------- What is your Discord name and tag? YouWishxD#2295 ---------------------- What is your Steam64 ID? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198093718043/ ---------------------- What is your current server playtime? 0 ---------------------- Do you have any past police experience? If so briefly describe. Police Experience = Yes. Gmod Police Experience = No. ---------------------- Why would you like to join the Rockford Police Force? I would like to join the police force so i can keep people the people sa
  2.  --Steam Name-- YouWishxD

    --Teamspeak Name-- YouWishxD   

    --InGame Name -- Tyrone Butler

    --How Long Have You Been Apart Of The Community?-- 40+ Hours

    --What's your age-- 18

    --(Ingame) have you been employed at any other businesses-- No

    --Write a short description on what you think Gruppe 6 does (In your own words)-- Security for banks, Crowd + Media control, Bodyguard + Hired Security

    --Do you have any previous experience that may help you as a Gruppe 6 Employee-- Yes before signing up was hired for security for a casino event

    --Why would  you like to join Gruppe 6 and what do you think you could bring to the company-- Wanna help the community, hard working, will protect a civilian at all cost and not let anything interfere with the job assigned.

    --Do You Understand we are not Police we are a private security company-- Yes.

    --Do you understand all decisions on your employment are final. Harassing our staff about our decision will result in all future applications being denied-- Yea 101%

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