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  1. does no one realise the gun he is using is a one shot to anywhere on the body? As for the reason this thread was opened (about /reports) the amount of /reports we get every day we cant go through them all and find your specific /reports and deal with them in front of everyone else's. As for staff activity yes it has dropped drastically lately but some of us have real jobs and cant sit at home and help everyone all day every day, it's not like we get paid for doing what we do. In conclusion we try and get to /reports as quick as possible and we do miss some sometimes (to our own fault). P.S @PurpleSoyMilkshams wasn't even a staff member when that incident happened he had to get a staff member at the time to deal with it and i believe NZ was banned for that situation.
  2. Michael Hastings for Mayor (community coordinator)
  3. HUGE +1 literally been saying this to myself about all the cops showing up to a gas station robbery or even a bank robbery is a bit stupid i mean if theres 16 cops on have multiple robberies an option to spread some of the force out a bit so people actually have a chance at succeeding.
  4. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeigvMcNpESYG6E2-D-4oP2_8Q2a0qXXqiLsgUKRqJKWBJ2OQ/viewform Registration form for the rally. Date and Time TBD.
  5. Registration will begin once approved by a member of the events team.
  6. The First Annual OzzyGaming Gumball Rally. Hi my name is.... well you don't really need to know my name, all you need to know is that i have a passion for cars and extreme action sports. I looked around the city and i saw everyone racing around in their cars and it gave me a wonderful idea to host a rally event for those people to finally put their skills to the test. The rules are simple. 1) Stick to the course no matter what. 2) No weapons are to be used. 3) Those are the only two rules. The Course. There are 3 stages to this rally course. Stage one, you start at the airport and race up Great Ocean Highway to the entrance of the Paleto logging camp. Stage two, you park your car at the logging camp grab a mountain bike and proceed to climb to the top of Mount Chiliad. Stage three, once to the top of the mountain you dismount your bike run to the cable car station grab a parachute jump off the end of the cable tower and parachute all the way back down to your car. Once back to your car you get in and drive back to the airport going down the Senora Freeway. The Other Details. Entry Fee is 100k per racer with all proceeds going towards our top 3 prizes (and setup fees). There will be 4 total races run 15 participants per race. with the top 5 from the first 3 races going on to the 4th and final race to have a chance at racing it out with the best of them for our grand prize. All vehicles will be provided by myself and the event staff. Also a side note, no roads will be shut during this event so there will be traffic. First Prize: $1,000,000 and a custom Kawasaki Ninja H2. Second Prize: $750,000 and a custom SSC Sentinel. Third Prize: $500,000 The race will be help when all proper arrangements have been made and will be announced at such time. I look forward to watching my creation become a regular thing in the city. Sponsored by Fisher Premium Motors, Benny's Original Motorworks and Marlowe Winery.
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