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  1. So there's no turbos or anything, but the stock versions of the type of cars you use are naturally fast, correct? Are they scripted that way or is it based on the real-life models of those cars?
  2. You don't use speed boosts, but police vehicles are naturally fast. What does "naturally fast" mean? Regarding ramming my vehicle: https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/in-pursuit-of-the-truth-on-police-pursuits-20170216-gue74l.html I have no idea what Australian law is or if this server follows American laws, but how the police handled all my chases so far have been unrealistic.
  3. Can you post the top speed of the police BMW (or looks like a BMW) or unit vehicles? I can be going max speed in my upgraded car, but the police can crash, pit, and then catch back up to me like it's nothing. I'll be filling out all the details in the form. Thank you @Steven Oolf
  4. I really enjoy this server, the customization, the things that have been put in place. I've been making some good friends, but the COPS destroy my RP experience EVERY time. Both for criminal and non-criminal activity. Issues: 1. Cops abuse their power and bully civilians without RPing laws or anything. It feels like I'm in a communist country while playing this server where the police do whatever they want. 2. Speed hacks. Pursuits aren't fun at all when a police car turbos to catch up and pits me right away. Example: I was driving around an area on my motorcycle with a Santa mask to sport the Christmas season (officer never asked me why I had the mask on; I f*ing love Christmas). There were police at a bank which caught my attention. I drove by and waited down the street while I was calling my friend (OOC) to see if he was logging on. Then M2-05 Char ran up to me with a rifle/shotgun and told me to get off the back, get my hands up, arrested me, and then told me I was acting suspicious which is why I was getting arrested. Then he dragged me ALL THE WAY to the bank and told me I was being charged with accessory to a bank robbery. I got upset and said "ooc: this is breaking RP, against the law, etc" Then, I got kicked from the server for breaking RP. No, Mr. Char broke RP for me. I don't know what rules the police have, but your own community guidelines are: 1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way. If nothing is done about abusing police powers, people will eventually start leaving or just treat this server like a joke because the police don't RP. I have more examples, but this is what has just happened to me recently. One time I got in a pursuit, cops speed hacked, pit me, and as I tried escaping my car went head first into an AI vehicle. I RP'd that I got knocked out from the crash, gave up, and let the police take me. I don't mind getting caught, it's part of the fun, but when no one else RP's it's really frustrating.
  5. Nice to meet everyone! I've been on TS and in game a bit, but haven't made my introduction on the forums yet. Here is my character introduction! ~CM Early Life and Background Nicholas (Nick) Halden grew up in United States Federal Witness Protection Program in Florida. His mother told him that his father, James Halden, a police detective in the Washington D.C. Metro Police Department, died when he was two years old. Nick thought his father died while taking out a bunch of bad guys in a major drug-bust-shootout. Nick grew up wanting to be just like his father: intending to be a police officer and training with guns. However, when he was 18, his father's former partner, told him the truth: His father is still alive, but is not a hero. James had been arrested for the murder of a fellow police officer when Nick was three years old. After finding out this information, Nick left WITSEC and despised guns. Now, he can still use guns, but prefers not to and shows a strong distaste towards firearms in general. Nick did not graduate from high school; he also did not attend college, but he has (most likely fictitiously) acquired multiple MBAs and doctorate degrees. Later in life, Nick learned that his father did confess to the murder of a cop, but did it, blaming that his department was filled with dirty cops. As part of a large organized crime gang, Nick's father provided key evidence in taking down most of the organization. This was the reason Nick and his family were placed into WITSEC. Becoming a Thief and a Con Artist Nick moved to Tokyo, Japan when he was 18 after hearing the truth about this father. Confused and conflicted about his past, his family, and who he wanted to become, he fell into the wrong side of the streets in Tokyo. After seeing Nick con a Japanese businessman out of ¥60,000 ($600), Keisuke Nakamura (Mr. K) extended a helping hand, promising Nick a better life and higher rewards. Nick felt at home in Tokyo, since guns were difficult to smuggle, he had an easier time robbing and conning his way to the top with Mr. K. Nick learned a plethora of skills during his time in Japan, under the guidance of Mr. K: Slight of hand, mastery with knives & switchblades, stealth, document replication, heist planning and tactics, money laundering, the list goes on and on. A natural smooth talker and quick on his feet, Nick worked with Mr. K on conning a CEO for 6 months, getting away with ¥1.2 billion. Unfortunately, Nick didn't know that the CEO was the leader of the infamous Yakuza mafia organization in Japan. Mr. K had used Nick to buyout and defeat the CEO in order to become the new king of the Yakuza. When the organization started to get suspicious and question Mr. K, he pointed them to the evidence and blamed it all on Nick. This forced Nick to flea Japan and brought him back to the States in Los Santos. **Changing his identity and going by the alias of Neal Caffrey, Nick is trying to start his life over again and hoping to avoid any run-ins with the Yakuza or their affiliates.** **Skills:** - Slight of hand - Mastery with knives & switchblades - Gun proficiency - Stealth - Document replication - Heist planning and tactics - Money laundering Will you help him be successful in starting his new life in Los Santos? Or will you force him to take drastic measures as connections with the Yakuza reach within Los Santos?