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  1. I believe my mic should be all sorted now. One question, do you need to complete a test to receive a license in game?
  2. Unfortunately it's too quiet even before I get into the game. The headphones that I have only have one 3.5mm jack so I don't know if that will work with my computer or if I'll need to get a splitter so I can plug it into both the headphone and mic holes. It also has a usb attachment which makes the headphones 7.1 and the mic works with that, but is very quiet. I've mostly played stuff like D&D and I used to do a lot of text based roleplaying on forums years ago, but I haven't done a lot of roleplaying in multiplayer video games before.
  3. Hey, thanks a lot. I'm mainly dealing with trying to get my mic not to be so quiet before I get started.
  4. Hi everyone, I've been roleplaying in various forms for more than ten years and have been playing GTA 5 pretty much nonstop since it first came out, but I've only recently heard about this kind of roleplaying and modding. I've been watching a lot of videos online of people playing on similar servers, and I've just upgraded my computer so I'm keen to start playing soon. I've looked through the rules and will be trying to get set up soon, but if anyone has any advice that would be great.
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