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  1. Hello, I am looking to join an organization. I have 50+ hours on FiveM and over 2000 On Altis life. I was a Vice captain of Reapers ( Alits Life) And we were by far the strongest most feared gang around. After a Long break from RP and Ozzygaming i am looking to get back into the swing of things and want to experience what FiveM has to offer. I play offen as i have no life, im 23 And am known to grind very hard when needed. Msg me if you have any Interest in letting me join you and your crew for some fun.
  2. So i don't have enough people to apply for this idea but i thought for a new player run shop/activity we could maybe set up a drift track on the airport run way and charge a small entry fee/ run competitions. Just an idea i want some feed back on to see if its worth trying to make happen. Cheers guys
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