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  1. Hi all! Trainer applications are now available for Sergeants + to fill out, you may click here to apply. I will be looking for suitable people to fill management roles! Here is a current list that will get updated as roles get filled. PTA Manager - Barks PTA Assistant Manager - Joel PTA Assistant Manager - Vacant PTA Senior Trainer - Vacant PTA Senior Trainer - Vacant PTA Senior Trainer - Vacant PTA Senior Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant PTA Trainer - Vacant Have a nice day! Regards, Barks [Senior Assistant Commissioner]
  2. Hey all, This forum topic is going to be a source of information to keep all members of the community up to date on what's going on with the department (announcements, new training's, updates), please keep yourself up to date if you wish to know all the new information. I would like to officially introduce the Police Training Academy (PTA) Nuts has put me in-charge of the training department and the cabinet team and I have decided that instead of going with the old but loved "FTO" or "GTO" we would change it up and go with PTA. PTA is your basic training department, similar to the previous training departments we have had in the past. As per usual PTA's main job is to create training's and to teach, guide and train the new cadets of our Police Force to the best of our abilities. The training's are going to be short and sweet and contain all of the information cadets need to start their journey, or anyone just looking to get a refresher course! I have many ideas that I would love to implement that make the training department more intractable with the community when the Police Force and Altis life as a whole gets back onto their feet... While we are keen and waiting for this I'm going to get PTA as prepared as possible for the release of 5.0! If you have any suggestions on where you think PTA should head, ideas on what we can add feel free to let me know. If you're interested in being apart of the Police Training Academy there will be a official expression of interest form coming shortly. Kind Regards, Barks [Senior Assistant Commissioner]
  3. Just a few that I have been apart of / helped run and some new ones that may have been mentioned before. - Races / The amazing race - Defend / capture - Roleplay events (Nuts did a few with a storyline type thing) - Random pop up events (Ikea truck with crafting supplies has flipped due to Bulldogs driving etc.) - Infected? (Dunno how we could do that but it's an idea) - Hide and seek (Ghost Hotel) - TDM, 3v3s ,5v5s, laser tag so on - Good old Hunger Games - Cop v civ - Country invasion (CSAT, Syndicate, AI or players (Admins) attack Altis
  4. I didn't as such "stop playing" just stopped being as active (until now) and that was only as the sever started to die out, main reason for me was the powergaming. It removed all motivation out of me to even launch Arma. Server Administration was't tooooooooooooooo bad as a whole, there were a few issue inside the staff team and whatnot but helpdesk worked.. That is my opinion others will see it differently seeing as I'm in staff. Powergaming was the reason that drove me away, especially when they wouldn't get punished for it. I'm looking forward to the new ozzy and I'm going to be more active as our new services come out.
  5. Don't worry Pedro, you can join @Jackicus and I with burning @BullDog7's base down
  6. I know a few people including myself that would play on it if it was released.
  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Hello Bulldoge