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  1. Edit: It can take upwards of 20 hours to get the 1 mil, it's 8 hours to just collect the heroin, another 8 to process and about 4 including travel time to get 1 mil.
  2. The Intro. Alright from the title you can already tell what i'm going to be talking about, at this point the money problem is crippling role play, not enhancing it and it is time that we take a serious look at it and decide weather it is fine as it is of completely fucked. Right now the best way of making money Legally is mining with the best way of illegal is heroin. Most people do heroin so that is what I will be referencing to throughout this post. The Problem. at this moment to get 1 million dollars it will take 8 hours, now this is with 3 cops on at all times when farming and processing and 5 on when selling. (selling at 1.2k per heroin) and this isn't taking in factors such as driving time, opening and closing your trunk, running back and fourth at processing and waiting for 3 bloody cops. and with cars and guns costing upwards of 700k-2mil (There previously was a bug where carbines and ak's costed 700k, may be fixed). So with all these factors considered getting a million dollars may possibly be a multiple day job, waiting for enough cops to get on and waiting for the perfect conditions to sell. And then you have to launder the stuff, which may take another day and 5% to 15% of your profits depending on the way you wish to launder. The Solution. Alright for this to be solved in my mind a couple of things have to be changed, the first one is gather rates, they should be increased by 50% - 100% on all drugs and you should be able to collect and process with no cops on (or 1). Also other drugs prices should be raised, the list of current drug prices are as follows (per 100) Weed: $1250 Dirty || $1062 Instant launder Cocaine: $12500 Dirty || $10625 Instant Launder Heroin: $24000 Dirty || 20400 Instant Launder As you can see it is no wonder I see 10 people at Heroin every time I go there, maybe bringing all the drug prices up to something similar will bring some variety of drugs runs as they all take the same skill, the same amount of cops and around the same time for each run to be completed. The Exploit. I mean from this post alone its quite obvious why people exploit, its because this isn't world of Warcraft this is FiveM, I, and everyone else came on here to roleplay, and this money making system is stopping roleplay and hurting the server. The exploit also wouldn't be a hard bug to fix you just need a if event that triggers the event and another if event for when the collection func is already running. The Conclusion. I mean sure it should take time to make money, but it shouldn't impair roleplay so much it brings it to a grinding halt. I would like to hear other opinions on this, what do you think.
  3. needs more dirtbikes (but these cars are ok aswell)
  4. Hello and welcome to the company who owns your home! Tryinski Real Estate provides the top notch housing for all across Victoria. Hide your guns, hide your money, hide the dead remnants of your ex-wife who took the kids in the divorce and alienated them from you making your children hate you forever, We don't care! (No pets) ---------- Looking for real estate role to be added.
  5. Alright with the current robbery setout you get on average $6000 per gas station robbery. This coupled with the chance that the cops will 100% respond within the 5 minute time frame makes it not worth the risk or trouble of going to jail. I feel like if a criminal update was introduced encouraging crime to happen it would make everyone life better because right now I would rather do a cocaine run, get double the money and 0% of cops rocking up.