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  1. Im thinking of a high viz cop car or something?
  2. Hi everyone, I wanted to write this as just a guide for when civi's get pulled over by Police so that there is more fun RP when dealing with Police. I think the first thing everyone should remember is that Police aren't always going to fine you for little things and that you should RP it with fun in mind. There have been a number of occasions where the first thing people do is take off and run. This is all ok but if you've just run a red light or been pulled over for speeding then there are many other avenues to take before running. Make up a scenario that your girlfriend kicked you out of the house or your pet was hit by a car or something that keeps the conversation going. Take the opportunity to develop your online character. This always goes well when you meet the same Police officer in other pullovers. A great example of a fun roleplay happened the other day. There was a male pulled over for speeding and he suggested that instead of a fine that he would like to go one on one with an officer. Now, yes, this is not the best scenario and it shouldn't be used BUT the three officers who were involved played it out. It was very funny to play along and it ended up having all four of us enjoying the experience with each other. The suspect was awesome because he kept in character no matter what happened. He played it out properly. There are too many times when people just fly around the streets without RPing. In real life you wouldn't have ALL citizens just running red lights, speeding and running people over. That's just not realistic. So think about how you can better play out scenarios for the benefit of all people involved. Remember, RP is what makes this server so much fun. So start doing that. It can get boring when people COPBAIT. That's not what we're trying to do as police. It's not about the chases, it's about the RP opportunities. So next time you are pulled over, try something different without running. See if you can get out of the fine with charisma and not violence. Give it a try, who knows it might just work.
  3. I like the idea of the VIC ROADS vehicles or some kind of Obvious Police vehicle for support and admins. That way when support or admins come to a scene people know not to shoot or kidnap them etc.
  4. Hi guys, On another server we had it where when you pressed your CAPS to speak on teamspeak, that an animation would play where you put your hand to your radio on your shoulder. I can't find it as a mod (@bendacat might be able to help with that). What it does is it shows when you're speaking on radio so you can see the officer at the incident who is using the radio. Plus it adds more immersion.
  5. Also B was for point? Mine doesn't work at the moment?
  6. yes agreed. This is good.
  7. it is so much better. Thanks for looking at my suggestion. So much easier for roleplay purposes. Thanks Boss.
  8. Matrix

    Thank you all.
  9. Matrix

    hahaha. Thanks Bendacat.
  10. Hi Staff, I am really enjoying playing on this server however I wanted to make a suggestion mainly based on previous experience on other FiveM servers. As a police officer I think we should have the player dot turned on. In the several hours i've played thus far I have chased down three or four AI drivers for driving badly only to find they are AI. At present there are not many police on so it makes the job of policing very difficult to focus our attention on actual player interaction instead of chasing ghosts (so to speak). I think the Police should at least have the ability to qualify who is a player as in a city full of vehicles it's difficult to see who we should be watching out for. Love to hear everyones thoughts on this.
  11. Matrix

    My name is Matt (Matrix), I have had a lot of experience on other Arma Life servers as well as Five M servers. I was looking for a new community that wanted more professional RP and was lucky enough to find this awesome group. The admins are respectful and the players like to RP. I look forward to playing with you all.