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[HOTFIX] FiveM Development Notes

Released 03/21/20

Key Changes

Hello everyone, 

If you find any further issues, please make sure to let a member of staff know, we'll do our best to fix them asap.


  • Exit teleports for each showroom in case you get stuck.


  • /shuff.
  • White text for the police CAD is now blue.
  • /me is a lot less buggy.
  • Spawning near pillbox will now divert you to a safe landing location (to avoid spawning in tunnels).
  • Red clothing circles now do not┬áhave an absurd access radius.
  • Instant respawn timer.
  • Police command /bk.
  • Weapon pull animation.
  • Door locks now work as intended.
  • Proximity sound.
  • Teleport circles.
  • Toggle engine hotkey


  • Engine hotkey. This was causing issues with players initially entering their vehicle.

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