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FiveM Development Notes 2.3.4

Released 04/04/20

Key Changes

Hello everyone, 

If you find any further issues, please make sure to let a member of staff know, we'll do our best to fix them asap.


  • New clothing script, this is still very much in large scale testing phase, so please let us know if any issues arise.
  • Removable clothing menu. /clothing.
  • Extra columns for the scoreboard when 100+ players are online.


  • Landscaping and Treasure hunting job items no longer force your job when you use the job items. This is designed so that casual players can just make a bit of money on the side without having to change their job. Players still have the option of going to the job centre to switch jobs in order to collect the pay check.
  • Pillbox helicopter return point has been raised.
  • Vehicle locking script (please contact Matt Murphy if there are any issues that were not present before this update).


  • Weapon rewards from various vehicles disabled.
  • Pillbox teleports.
  • BMW M4 Modkit.
  • Minimum police required to rob pacific bank.

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