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FiveM Development Notes 2.3.3

Released 03/20/20

Key Changes

Hello everyone, 

This is a rather large update that utilizes FiveM's latest "Bigmode Infinity+" server framework that can support ridiculous players counts (up to about 1K). It is likely that various scripts have made it through our "hotfixing" net after the update today, so if you notice anything weird, please report it.



  • Brand new jail interior (woohoo, no more spawning in the void near floating beds).
  • Countermeasures for poor civilians spawning in the tunnels under MRPD. We've noticed that this is also happening under Pillbox, we'll be adding countermeasures for this location in the next update.
  • /transfer. This will bring up a nice UI that will allow players to transfer their own vehicles (for a 5K fee).
  • /police. This will bring up a UI that will allow players to submit a police whitelisting application, recommend an officer, or report an officer.
  • Brand new HUD (again).
  • Brand new Pacific Bank Robbery (all required items can be found at the hardware store, this is now quite awesome, please try it! ... Watch out for the gas).
  • Streamed minimap (nice coloured OCRP one).
  • /showbank added to the interaction menu (tilde key menu).
  • Heaps of new emotes.
  • Heaps of new cars (You would have been able to see them at the unveiling last week.


  • Bike stands. These are now designed to mitigate being stranded in the middle of nowhere (plus to have a bit of fun with). Players can now type /bike 1, 2, 3, 4 to set up a bike. This will take 5 seconds, and players will be locked in an animation.
  • Spike strips are now an item (currently only able to be used by police). Officers can now drag this to their hot bar, or use the item in their inventory to place down a row of spikes. They may also type /spikes if they forget the item. To pick them up, simply use the item again, or type the command.
  • Car show rooms are now in their respective car dealership locations (no more aircraft hanger, yay).
  • Landscaping payouts have been buffed. However, the job in general has also been changed. Players may now go to the job center and select the landscaping job. Once selected, you will receive two items, a landscaping job sheet, and a landscaping toolbox. Simply use the job sheet to start the job, a yellow marker will be placed on your map, simply go to the marker and use your landscaping toolbox, bing bam boom, you get paid once you complete the animation. Simply use the job sheet again to get another job.
  • Police CAD has had a makeover.
  • All medical actions now require their respective items, not just medikits.
  • Rain is now less frequent.
  • Fishers has now been renamed to PDM in the phone.
  • AFK kicker has been fixed.


  • Various issues with the vehicle locking script
  • Sweeper shotgun HUD issues
  • Various issues with hiding in the boot.


  • A crap tonne of laggy city YMAPs
  • A crap tonne of door locks.
  • Anti drive.
  • Minimap is now disabled on foot.

Hotfixes (available after the next restart):

  • /bk is now working
  • cellphone hotkey re-added (F1)
  • proximity sound scripts are fixed
  • id related proximity scripts fixed
  • shuffling seats fixed
  • scoreboard fixed
  • weapon animations re-added
  • door locks fixed

+ Various other stuff that I have inevitably forgotten to mention, I will add those as I remember them.

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