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FiveM Development Notes 2.3.2

Key Changes

Hello everyone, 


This is a rather minor update that aims to address various quality life issues more than anything. If anyone discovers any bugs, please contact any member of staff and they will contact the development team.



  • Brand new custom ALPR system, same controls as the previous one. However, it conforms to our minimalist HUD
  • New R35 GTR (if you already owned this vehicle, the model will be updated automatically)┬á
  • New modules to the report system. Press "INSERT" to open the player report system (no more /command yay.)
  • New Treasure hunting mission (We use the word mission for a reason. This mission does not require a job to do. However, players will still gain experience from completing a mission and subsequently level up to receive higher monetary rewards.)
    • Buy a satellite scanner, underwater blowtorch, and a diving suit from the hardware store
    • Use the satellite scanner, a location marked in yellow will appear on your map
    • Make your way to the treasure hunting location and dive as close as you can to the area
    • Use your underwater blowtorch
    • Receive money and experience
  • An additional basic spawn death mitigation system
  • Persistent toggleable hints just type /togglehints
  • Yellow Jack job framework
  • Various enter-able MLO interiors
  • 13 new female hairstyles


  • Lowered the Union Depository payout
  • Increased the Store Robbery payout
  • Increased Jewelry Store Robbery payout
  • Whilst a player is in jail, they do not lose hunger or thirst
  • Speed cameras now give speeding players 10KM leeway
  • Raised price of R35 GTR to reflect the new handling
  • Raised price of R34 to reflect the new handling
  • Raised price of the Supra┬áto reflect the new handling


  • Various issues with the vehicle locking script
  • Sweeper shotgun HUD issues


  • Hotkey for zipties, players can drag this to their action bar and use one of those hotkeys.


+ Various other stuff that I have inevitably forgotten to mention, I will add those as I remember them.

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