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FiveM Development Notes 2.3.1

Released 11/04/19

Key Changes

Hello Everyone,

This update has been a work in progress for the past month. The update contains a wide range of changes from new additions to bug fixes. With new additions and changes to our scripts, it is possible that bugs could have slipped through the cracks. If you do experience any bugs, please don't hesitate to post a bug report here. Additionally, if you'd like to see any additions or changes occur, please submit a post here.


  • Some Vehicle Interaction commands have been added. These commands can be used on both the inside and outside of the last car your used. They are: /hood, /boot, /door 1 through to┬á4
  • A new weather system has been implemented. This system will smoothly change the weather overtime and also has a chance of rain, thunder, clouds and smog weather.
  • Added five new songs to the Loading Screen, replacing 2 and keeping one of the old ones.
  • Icons have been added for the majority of the items in the server.
  • A Method to turning damaged drug ingredients into usable ingredients has been implemented
  • Added a better Diamond Casino Interior / Exterior, you can walk into this one.
  • Added two versions of repair kits, the basic version functions the same as /repair whereas the advanced version makes your car as good as new.
  • There is now a menu for police to spawn helicopters rather than the helicopters automatically spawning. In addition to this, the police now have access to the new Polair as well as CID specific helicopters.
  • More animations have been added to the new animations system, some include the requested 18+ Animations as well as a sit-down emote.
  • All Mechanics can now retrieve fuel cans from their respective ÔÇÿHarvest MenusÔÇÖ around their shop.
  • The Hide in Trunk has been reworked, majority of the previous issues┬áshould be patched. You can now use /trunk in & out respectively.
  • Seat-shuffle┬áscript has been implemented, you will no longer automatically shuffle to the driver seat. To manually shuffle, type /shuffle.
  • Added a new Jail Interior that is complete with Workshop, Weights Room, Changing Room, Canteen and Bathroom that can accommodate any future plans to do with the Jail System.┬á
  • The ELS Panel can now be toggled on and off┬áwith the /togglepanel command.
  • New Casino Vehicles have been added with paint schemes specific for the business. These vehicles include: Mercedes AMG-GLS63, AMG-S63 & the AMG-GT63S.
  • A new Drag-strip┬ámap has been added.
  • New mapping for Sandy Shores Auto Repairs has been added.
  • The Mercedes Sprinter Van has been added to the Vanilla Unicorn with a skin.
  • The Hyundai┬áSante Fe has been added to police rank 4 (Superintendent).
  • Seven new Civilian Vehicles have been added to the server. These vehicles include: The Mercedes G65-AMG, Audi RS6, Chrysler 300┬áSRT-8, Toyota AE86, Mustang GT500, Mustang 2019 as well as the Maxda RX3.



  • The Jail System has undergone many changes &┬áfixes for bugs that have been encountered.
  • Countermeasures have been added┬áto the animations menu so that ┬áanimations cannot be used to exploit out of jail.
  • The server should now be controller compatible. If you have any issues, please submit a bug report.
  • The Traffic Script has been modified, you should notice the changes that have been made.
  • You will now have all keys for your vehicles, the issue was with lowercase plates. The website now forces uppercase letters and all current plates have been set to uppercase.
  • All Gas Stations are now visible regardless of your distance to them.
  • The hospital system has undergone many changes; the system shouldnÔÇÖt be as sensitive as before.
  • The teleportation resources have all been combined into one modular resource.
  • The Notification System has been updated to resolve a few errors within the system.
  • Drugs have been buffed so that they are a more viable method of making money compared to the risk.


  • Fixed Ragdoll, use /ragdoll to toggle ragdoll on and off.
  • The Big Bobs Mechanic Blip will no longer take you to the wrong location when a way-point┬áis set.
  • SSA will now show on the scoreboard.
  • The Vehicle Job Seller has been fixed, you can now buy job vehicles at the zone.
  • The LP command has now been removed, it was a debug command that slipped through the cracks.

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