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FiveM Development Notes 2.3.0

Released 09/23/19

Key Changes

Hello Everyone,

After a lot of anticipation for this update, it is finally here. As this is quite a sizeable update, our testing can only go so far. If you do encounter any bugs (this will be likely) please submit a bug report. As usual, any suggestions should be submitted in the appropriate forum.

Now, on to the juicy stuff (warning: incoming wall of text).


  • Brand new completely custom module to the inventory system. This module is an action bar. We have completely reworked how weapons are used in our little slice of GTA 5. Gone are the days of the weapon wheel and tab menu. Players may now have a total of four action bar slots where they can drag either weapons, or items into one of the four available action bar slots. These items will be readily available to either be equipped, or used (depending on whether or not is is a weapon or item). This will be incredibly useful for simple actions such as healing, or eating. Additionally, you can customise your favourite weapons to be readily available for you on a button press. The hotkeys available for these slots are 1-4.┬áThe new key to open this is "TAB".


  • Ping system, this system is relatively easy to use and should be pretty helpful when trying to track down your mates. Available commands:
    • /ping [id] - This will send a ping request to the target player ID.
    • /ping accept - If a ping is pending, simply type this and the source players location will be added to your map, and a GPS route will be drawn.
    • /ping reject - If you have any outstanding pings, this will simply, reject/clear the requests.
    • /ping clear - If you have a mate marked on the map, this will clear any blips/GPS routes.


  • Player damage system. Players will now receive more area specific injuries. Various areas of your body can now have damage identified and certain injuries will cause bleeding, limping, and other interesting effects (we will let you experience this yourselves). With that being said, we have also added some new items to alleviate some of the symptoms caused by injuries, these can be found at the Pillbox Hospital. Players can also heal their injuries by checking into the Pillbox Hospital┬áreception.


  • Completely rewrote the seatbelt system. This has been a big one requested by the wider community, and do not worry, we noticed.┬áas a module of a large HUD update, players will now be promoted with the hotkey on-screen as well as the status of the seatbelt next to the speedometer. This new system is different in two ways:
    • The button press actually works as intended now, no more fiddling around with the button and getting killed in firefights because you simply cannot get the belt off. The button is now 100% responsive.
    • The potential of getting launched from your vehicle is now mainly possible when hitting other vehicles (not random objects on the side of the road.


  • A brand new action menu. This will replace the current tilde key menu. This will now be your main tool (apart from your inventory). There will be many more updates coming to this menu including but not limited to vehicle interactions and further synchronised animations.┬áIncluded in this menu so far:
    • ┬áA┬áshortcut to your F6 and F7 menu.
    • An experimental synchronised animations menu. This is┬ácontained in the "Synced Animations" container. These will be the gangster hug, and handshake. A player can now request a synchronised animation with another player. once accepted, the players will (75% of the time) synchronise positions and perform the animation.
    • A link to the new animation menu, explained in the notes below.
    • A link to the new attitude menu, explained in the notes below.
    • A menu that will contain a button to gibe your ID, and phone number.


  • Reworked the money laundering system. There has been many issues with the current system┬áthroughout the entire existence of our server. This is largely due to the unreliability of the vanilla script (it is very ancient). Due to this, we decided to re-create it and move away from the time based system. This of course will make money laundering easier for business owners. However, the drawback will be a 5-10%┬ámax fee for the actual process of laundering (this will be taken off the total amount of money you get back). To use this new system, business owners can now purchase a "portable laundry machine" from any store for a small fee.


  • New commands for business owners to play around with. They are as follows:
    • /bhire┬á- this command can┬ábe executed┬áfrom anywhere in the game. However, the target player must be unemployed. This command must be executed by a business owner or it will not work. This will set the target player to the business owners lowest job level. Usage:┬á/bhire [player id].
    • /bsetjob - this command allows business owners to promote/demote a player in their employ (please note this will only work for your business). This command can set an employee to any level apart from the business owner role. Usage:┬á/bsetjob [player┬áid] [job grade]
    • /bfire - this command will fire anybody in a business owners employ and set their job to "unemployed". Usage:┬á/bfire [player id]


  • New status bar HUD/vehicle HUD. This is now a more cleaner design that aims to not be "in your face". As stated above, we've also included the status of your seatbelt whilst in a vehicle.


  • Brand new phone. For this, we're using the most advanced/viable base on the market right now, named GCPhone. We've modified it to suit our needs which has taken a lot of testing and modification. For now, we've opted out of the Twitter system it provides for a few reasons. One reason is that it stores data used to create accounts, namely password data in plain text. We do not feel comfortable storing this kind of data, so we'd prefer to take our┬átime to eventually have this data encrypted which requires a bit of research. Additionally, the Twitter script by default has a range of issues that need to be addressed, so before this is utilised, it needs to be bug free. Before we get into the custom features, it should be noted that you will now need to purchase a phone from the store to use it. The new phone has the following custom features:
    • Australian styled numbers, all player numbers will follow this format: 04XX XXX XXX.
    • Character specific numbers. For current┬áplayers, your character numbers have already been generated and are ready to go.
    • Character specific contacts.
    • Character specific calling/texting.
    • Vanilla features are as follow:
      • Player phone calling.
      • Customisable phone models (iPhone, Samsung, etc.)
      • Customisable size scaling.
      • Customisable wallpaper (some preset, otherwise you may enter a URL of your desired picture).
      • 9Gag Application.
      • Pre-loaded business numbers for texting.


  • Brand new customisable animations and stance menu. These are now available through either the new action menu (Hotkey: tilde key), or /animations and /attitude. Additionally, you can type the following command presuming you know the name of the animation you would like to use (this can be found in the animations menu itself). If you know it, simply type /e [emote name]. The difference between the old animations/attitude menu is that a lot of the new┬áavailable animations can be used on the move (all of the previous animations locked you in a stationary position). This should be a great tool for role-play. Moreover, We have freed up F2-F10 so that these animations can be bound to any of these keys that you like. It should be noted that we've also added support for Shift to be used to in combination of these keys. In essence, you now have about 18┬ákeys (including shift key combinations) to bind your favourite animations to. Once you have bound these animation keys, they will be saved to our database which means you won't have to constantly keep setting them. The attitude menu is different in one sense, and that is that it saves to our database, and like animations is set when you log back in.


  • New lock picking system. To utilise this, players must buy a bobbypin from the hardware store. When a bobbypin is used near a vehicle, a lock picking mini game will appear on-screen. This is moderately difficult. However, this will unlock any vehicle.


  • New vehicle lock system. Players that have keys to a vehicle (usually the vehicle owner) can press "U" to unlock their vehicle. It should be noted that the vehicle detection is based on the direction that the player is facing. ┬áWe have also added support for giving keys to other players. Simply type /givekeys [plate] (the plate must be entered without spaces). This is a much more improved system and should be void of a lot of current locking issues.


  • Character switch/creation at Paleto bay for you those of you who enjoy that side of the map.
  • New command to toggle your hat. Simply type /hat.
  • New command to toggle the rag doll state. Simply type /ragdoll.
  • Binoculars item, now available from the store.
  • Brand new Mission Row PD interior.
  • Brand new Pillbox Hospital interior.
  • Brand new Sandy Shores PD interior.
  • Brand new Paleto Bay PD interior.
  • Brand new OzzyGaming city sign (replacing the Vinewood sign).


  • Players now need to purchase a phone from the store to use /twitter
  • Beekers level 1 employees now cannot modify vehicles.
  • Vanilla Unicorn level 1 employees now cannot purchase drinks on behalf of the company.
  • /me now fades out rather than abruptly disappearing.
  • Toggling ID's is now a command. Type /i to toggle them.
  • Anchoring your boat is now usable through a command. /anchor.
  • Selling your property now requires you to type "sell" in a confirmation box.
  • Extended priority cool down by 10 minutes.
  • Massive rework of the inventory system. This now has a much cleaner design. The key to open it is now TAB. We've also added support for the usage of items by double clicking (if you have pre-selected give/destroy, double clicking the item will perform this action).┬á┬á
  • Tattoos are now character specific. Moreover, we have added a delete button for removing tattoos.
  • The clothing store now utilses the new clothing UI. Please note that your saved outfits are still accessible through your property menus. We will be adding support for saving/loading outfits at the clothing store in the near future.
  • Hair cut stores now utilise the new appearance UI.
  • The plastic surgeon is now located at Pillbox Hospital and now utilises the new appearance UI.┬á
  • Moved the Ambulance markers to Pillbox Hospital.
  • Moved the Los Santos respawn location to Pillbox Hospital.


  • Issue with the skin menu not saving outfits, or loading them on character switch.
  • Issue with the Vangelico Robbery giving bags to the entire server.
  • Job EXP bar for Landscaping and Trucking jobs.
  • Issue with Police/EMS blips not loading properly.

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