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  • Los Santos Police Application (GTA V - FiveM)
    • Name
    • TS3 Name
    • Discord name and ID#
    • Steam ID
    • How long have you been a part of the community?
    • Have you read through and understood all of the FiveM rules?
    • Do you understand that you have to role-play all scenarios when playing as PD?
    • Do you understand that you need to obey all road rules when not responding to an emergency?
    • Do you agree to read and follow all PD protocol?
    • Do you agree to set your Teamspeak, Steam, Discord and in-game names to be the same at all times (any change needs to be reported to command)?
    • IN CHARACTER - What is your name?
    • IN CHARACTER - Why do you want to join the Los Santos Police Department? (Minimum 60 words)
    • IN CHARACTER - Can you provide a bit of background on your past and where you want to go in the future. Tell us about yourself. (Minimum 60 words)
    • IN CHARACTER - If you were in charge what would you do to improve the PD? (Minimum 60 words)
  • Los Santos EMS Application (GTA V - FiveM)
    • Name
    • TS3 Name
    • Discord name and ID#
    • Steam ID
    • What is your timezone or city/country?
    • How long have you been a part of the OzzyGaming community?
    • Have you read through and understand all of the FiveM and OzzyGaming rules?
    • Do you have to role-play all scenarios when playing as EMS?
    • Do you need to obey all road rules when not responding to an emergency?
    • Do you agree to read and follow all EMS protocol?
    • When are you normally on our OzzyGaming Servers?
    • What percentage would you be giving to your EMS character?
    • What is your ingame characters name?
    • How intensively (Part Time, Casual, Full time) will you be playing as EMS?
    • IN CHARACTER - Why do you want to join the Los Santos Emergency Department? (Minimum 60 words)
    • IN CHARACTER - Can you provide a bit of background on your past and where you want to go in the future. Tell us about yourself. (Minimum 60 words)
    • IN CHARACTER - If you were in charge what would you do to improve the EMS? (Minimum 60 words)
  • Community Clan Application
    • What is the name of your clan?
    • What are the names + Steam ID's of the 6 founding members of your clan?
    • Do you agree to follow the rules of every server that your clan plays on?
    • Do you agree to follow all TS3 clan room rules?
    • Please provide a link to your 16x16 clan icon image
  • FiveM Staff Application
    • Please provide a link to your steam profile
    • Discord #
    • What is your username/name you're most known by?
    • Have you read and understood all of the FiveM Rules?
    • How many hours have you spent on our server?
    • Have you been pulled aside for a rule break, if so what for?
    • Do you understand that a support role is time consuming and that you are expected to man the support rooms during peak time?
    • Do you have any experience moderating?
    • These next questions will be hypothetical scenarios, do you agree to answer these without the aid of anyone else?
    • You witness a player RDM (random death match) another player, what do you do?
    • You witness a player constantly hanging around Police trying to get their attention with an obvious lack of role-play, what do you do?
    • You witness someone using their F6 menu while they are off duty, what do you do?
    • You are involved in a scenario where the direct result of another players actions result in your illegitimate death, in order to make an impartial decision, what do you do?
    • You witness a player initiate hostile role-play at the Police station, what do you do?
    • You witness a player initiate hostile role-play at a Car Dealership, what do you do?
    • If you are accepted into staff, do you understand that you are the face of our server and that any rule-break that you may commit will be heavily scrutinized. And as an enforcer of the rules you will be held to a higher standard?
    • Do you agree to follow all community guidelines?
  • Squad Staff Application
    • Please provide a link to your steam profile
    • Discord Username (Including #)
    • What is the username/name you're most known by?
    • How many hours of Squad have you played and on which servers?
    • Have you been pulled aside for any rule breaches, if so for what?
    • Staff are required to commit a large amount of time to the server, are you comfortable with that?
    • Are you familiar with our Squad server rules?
    • Why do you wish to become a OG Squad Staff member?
    • What aspirations do you have for the future as a staff member?
    • Have you held any previous moderation/administration roles?
    • If you were to be accepted into staff, you understand and accept that your behaviour will be under close scrutiny and held to a much higher standard than the other players?
    • Do you agree to follow all community guidelines?
    • If your application is accepted to join the team you will need access to a selection of Google Docs - Please provide an email address for access to be granted too

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  1. Brought to you by the OG Events & Development team... If you wish to take part in this event, meet in the event lobby before 8pm AEST. A thick yellow fog has lowered over Los Santos. Government and Emergency services agencies report that people are widely becoming infected with a viral illness. Symptoms include spontaneous and prolonged blood nose, bleeding from the ears, yellow tinted eyes, coughing blood, feverish conditions, loss of ability to communicate and or control motor functions normally. We contacted numerous city officials and but will not release more details. Civil defense advise that all civilians stay indoors and avoid contact with those infected. A military presence has been seen within the city limits and sources suggest more military personnel are being sent to the city. Updated two days later: The Department of Homeland Security on advisement from the HHS has upgraded the recent outbreak to an epidemic level. Civilians are advised to avoid all contact with any other persons where possible and to follow all military personnel instructions. An evacuation of all civilians from the city is now underway. All civilians are to proceed through marked walkways and checkpoints to arrive at a number of quarantine centers stationed around the city. Although Homeland Security officials will comment no further, we have received numerous reports of violence and riot across the city. It has been reported that military personnel have fired upon what seems to be infected persons although these reports are unconfirmed. Released the next day: EMERGENCY BROADCAST: THIS IS AN EMERGENCY ALERT MESSAGE. THIS IS NOT A TEST. A VIRAL OUTBREAK HAS OCCURRED IT IS HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS AND IS LETHAL. ALL CITIZENS ARE ADVISED TO STAY INDOORS. IF YOU COME INTO CONTACT WITH A SICK INDIVIDUAL CONTACT THE CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL IMMEDIATELY AND QUARANTINE THOSE WHO PRESENT SYMPTOMS. SYMPTOMS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: SEIZURES, CONVULSING, COLD SKIN, SWEATING, ANGER, VIOLENT OUTBURSTS, BLEEDING FROM EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, EARS. THIS IS NOT A TEST. PLEASE NOTE: This is an RP event and all those who do not comply with GM/Admin rules will be removed from the event and banned from OzzyGaming services. Trolling will be dealt with by a minimum 1 month ban. Emergency Alert.mp4
  2. Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 30/08/2018 Foreword ArmA 3 Exile is a game mode that does not require many rules due to the nature of the game. However, there are some "quality of life" rules that need outlining. These rules are designed to give new players a chance to get somewhat established and prevent exploitation of notable locations. 1.0 General 1.1 Exploiting: Do not exploit in-game mechanic or bugs to gain an advantage. 1.2 Cheating: Do not cheat. Cheating is defined as using third party software to gain an advantage and or to disrupt the server. 2.0 Safe Zones Safe Zones are designed to provide players with a place to buy and sell gear without the fear of being attacked. The Safe Zone is not an area where players can drop their guard entirely. They must make sure that they lock their vehicles and be wary of what they drop on the ground as these items have the potential to be stolen. You may: - Steal any items. - Steal any vehicles that are unlocked. However, you must re-sell the vehicle at another trader. You may not: - Camp the Safe Zones. Players who want to engage in combat must stay at least 500 meters away from the edge of the zone. - Try to evade combat by running into the safe zone. 3.0 Building Building rules are designed to prevent groups or families from camping or controlling essential locations or blocking infrastructure. Additionally, these rules will outline conditions for player/family base removal due to inactivity. 3.1 Maintenance: Building maintenance must be paid weekly otherwise groups/families risk the removal of their base. There will be a three day grace period for groups/families to pay the maintenance fee to keep their base. 3.2 Territory Flags: Players must not place territory flags within 1 kilometre of any crucial areas. Team members will check these areas regularly and will remove any bases violating this rule. 3.3: Building Over Roads: Players may build over roads. However, they may not block roads. Please allow clearance of at least two walls high to allow players to use the road.
  3. G'day Gamers As most of you already know, the OzzyGaming Altis Life server has been shut down. In lieu of an Altis Life game mode, the previous Management of Altis Life along with the developers and the Executive team has decided to start bug testing Exile. The development team along with the staff team are hard at work testing features and looking for bugs. In the previous two days, testing has gone well. If further testing goes as planned we are looking at releasing the server to the community by Friday (31/08/2018). As Exile is a modded version of ArmA 3, it requires players to download a bit of content to connect. @John Smith has graciously prepared an ArmA 3 Workshop pack to make it easier for the community to download the mods. The package is downloadable here: OzzyGaming Exile Mod Collection. In regards to the staffing of Exile, The Management team is not currently looking for any new staff members as the current staff team is sufficient for the game mode. However, this may change in the future so keep an eye on the forums. Kind Regards, OzzyGaming Exile Management Team.
  4. Disclaimer: These rules are constantly being revised, please make sure you bookmark this page and check back here on a regular basis. Last Update: 15/07/2018 OzzyGaming Community Rules 1. Community members must treat each other with respect. Under no circumstances are you allowed to verbally abuse, bully, or belittle anyone in any way. 2. Community members must not direct racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive behaviour towards another member of the community. 3. Community members must not spam on any of our services. 4. Community members must not advertise or promote another server/community. 5. Community members must not impersonate a staff member. 6. Community members must not have inappropriate usernames. 7. Community members must not, under any circumstances release any personal information about any other community member (AKA Doxing). 8. Community members must not share inappropriate images such as pornography or any other offensive material. 9. Community members must not soundboard in any channel on TeamSpeak or Discord unless it is your channel or unless you have permission from the channel owner.
  5. G'day OzzyGamers. As you would have noticed by now, we've been going through a lot of changes. We have decided to bring you all up to speed with what is going on. In the last couple of weeks, we have launched our FiveM, and CS: GO servers, these are both online and ready for you all to try out, the server information can be found on our homepage. We also plan to make changes to our donation system. More information on this can be found below. Altis Life The Altis Life 4.0 server is up and running, however, our Altis Life development team have been working hard over the last couple of weeks to port over content from 4.0 to 5.0, as well as add new content that you can all discover for yourselves. Upgrading to the 5.0 framework, unfortunately, means that we're forced to do a server wipe. We have decided that everyone will start on the same terms with the same amount of starting money. The release date for 5.0 is unconfirmed, however, we are aiming for Sunday this week. FiveM FiveM is up and running, it is a 32-slot server right now, however, this will be upgraded to a 64-slot server when the FiveM framework is updated. We have done our best to try to search for any bugs, but it is likely that you may come across some, so please report them to us if you find them. Moving on to faction leadership. We are looking for level headed people to fill leadership roles in the Los Santos Police Force, this will include creating Police protocol, and structuring the Police administration. We are also looking for people interested in senior positions in the Los Santos Medic Administration, so if you are interested in this, please let us know. CS: GO Surf CS: GO Surf is also online and ready to play, as it stands, we only have a combat CS: GO Surf server, however, we know that some of you are interested in a non-combat surf server, so we are in the process of implementing an additional server. If anyone is interested in helping administrate the CS: GO server please contact Delacey via. Direct message on the website. Community Donations With all of these new servers popping up, we need to talk about donations. We have decided to introduce a new subscription-based donation system. When you donate to the OzzyGaming community, you will receive perks on all of our servers. We haven't forgotten about our veteran donators, there will be unique in-game perks for anyone who has donated before the launch of Altis Life 5.0 server. More information on this topic will become available before this is implemented. If anyone has any questions about the above topics, please do not hesitate to ask questions.
  6. Disclaimer: These rules are under constant revision. Please bookmark this page and check back on a regular basis. Last Update: 28/10/2018 1.0 General Rules 1.1 Common Sense: First and foremost, we expect our players to use basic common sense. 1.2 Offensive Conduct: We are all here to play games and role-play together. However, players have different tolerance levels to certain role-play and behaviour. We only ask that you keep this kind of behaviour mild and acceptable for the average individual. Administrators can on a case by case basis determine what is not acceptable so don’t go too overboard. 1.3 Trolling: This is the internet, you all know what trolling is... Please do not do it. 1.4 Ban Evasion: Do not try to evade your ban, fill in a ban appeal on the forums if you wish to appeal your ban. if you are caught circumventing a ban, you will be permanently banned. 1.5 Cheating: Nobody likes cheaters. Do not modify your game to gain an advantage over players. We do not need to expand on this point. You should know what is right and wrong. 1.6 Exploiting: Do not exploit in-game mechanics to gain an advantage over other players. 1.7 Job Vehicles: Vehicles sold at the "Job Vehicle Seller" may only be used for jobs. 1.8 Idling: Do not idle on the server for more than 15 minutes. 1.9 Real World Trading: Real world trading is the act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming FiveM for in-game items, or vice versa. Do not do this. 2.0 Role-play 2.1 Criminal Activities and Hostage Situations: If you are conducting criminal activities including hostage taking, you must be prepared to negotiate with the Police. After each robbery, there is a 30-minute cooldown for your group. Continued: - Players cannot physically restrain a Police officer, thus, they cannot be taken as a hostage. Players may, under exceptional circumstances hold them at gunpoint and restrain them in role-play if they enter an ongoing hostile area. - Players under no circumstances are allowed to have a "fake" hostage. This includes having a friend play the part of a hostage. Players can acquire a legitimate hostage in role-play in order negotiate with the Police. - Players may not exceed six players in their group whilst conducting illegal activity. - Players may not use vehicles to block an entrance to a building in any role-play scenario including a hostile scenario. - Police and Criminals must be willing to attempt negotiations even if the Criminals do not have a hostage. If the Criminals have a reasonable demand, Police must be prepared to fulfil the request. If the talks succeed, Police must give the Criminals reasonable time to exit the building before pursuing. If the negotiations fail, Police must notify the Criminals that negotiations are over before engaging in hostile role-play. - Players, under no circumstances, may force their victims to withdraw money from an ATM. - When switching to a larger weapon (shotguns/assault rifles), players must be standing near your vehicle or locker (you cannot just pull them out of nowhere). 2.2 Metagaming: Do not metagame. Metagaming is using information gained outside of role-play in role-play. 2.3 Fail Role-play: You must role-play all scenarios. Fail role-play is the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona. Example: - Cop baiting/pestering cops so that they have direct most of their attention to a particular player is forbidden. 2.4 Fear role-play: Players must be willing to value their life. For example, If multiple people surround a player with the intention of robbing them, the player must be ready to surrender, and thus, valuing their life. 2.5 Crashes: Players must role-play crashes. If you are involved in a high-speed accident, you are expected to role-play this with realism. For example, if you collide with another vehicle or object at high speed, you are expected to role-play the obvious damage your character has taken. 2.6 New Life Rule: This applies every time a character respawns. The character must not return to or rejoin the last role-play scenario which resulted in the characters incapacitation. 3.0 Combat 3.1 Random Deathmatch (RDM): Death is a serious matter on this server. You must have a reasonable role-play reason for killing another player. Ideally, players should rarely be killing each other. As this is a role-play server, players are expected to explore alternate role-play avenues before even considering murder. Failure to comply with these simple instructions will result in disciplinary action. Example: - Declaring on/murdering a Police officer to avoid a speeding ticket. - Starting hostile role-play over trivial matters (death is a serious thing!). 3.2 Vehicle Deathmatch (VDM): This rule is an extension of rule 3.1. You must have a valid role-play reason to run over a player with your vehicle. You must be in accordance with rule 3.1. And 3.3. If you accidentally run another player over, that is fine, apologise and move on. 3.3 Declarations: In the unlikely event hostile role-play is an option for a player; Declarations are designed to give the target player a chance to comply with your demands. Before the player sends a declaration, they must be in accordance with rule 3.1. When declaring, the player must include the following in their verbal communication: A demand, a consequence, and a timeframe. Example (In verbal direct voice chat, set to "shout"): This is a robbery, place your hands on your head or I will be forced to respond with lethal force, you have 10 seconds to comply. 3.4 Combat Logging: Players are not allowed to disconnect from a role-play or combat situation. If your game has crashed, just let the involved parties know, and try arrange to continue the role-play once you have reconnected. 4.0 Safe Zones 4.1 Safe Zones: You may not start hostile role-play in any safe zone. If hostile role-play enters the safe zone, then you may continue with it. However, you must actively try to resolve it as soon as possible. Additionally, you may not steal any vehicles from safe zones. Current Safe Zones: - All Police Stations - All EMS Stations - All Car Dealerships 5.0 Emergency Services 5.1 Role-playing as emergency services: Police/EMS are whitelisted positions. This faction requires that the player join the appropriate TeamSpeak 3 channel before going on duty, and remaining in this channel for the remaining time the player is on duty. All emergency services documentation is available on TeamSpeak 3, and the website. This is a very strict rule, so failure to abide by this rule will result in a kick from the server. 5.2 F6 Menu: If you are off duty, you are under no circumstances allowed to use your F6 menu. 5.3 Weapons: These may only be transferred to another player by way of waylay during hostile role-play. Weapons protected under this role are emergency services weapons, and job weapons. Players may use these weapons for 24 hours and then destroy them or risk being detected by our systems and face disciplinary action. 5.4 Ambulance Personnel: Ambulance drivers are not a threat and should never be treated as one. The only exception to this is if they knowingly enter a hostile situation and attempt to revive someone when told not to. Additionally, Ambulance drivers should not do anything to threaten other players or try to initiate Hostile role-play.