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  1. An Ark server would be very nice. Would definitely play if there was one.
  2. For everyone wants to check out the Ozzy Altis Life Server. Nows your chance with the Arma 3 Free Weekend! (Which means anyone during 26-30th of April can pickup Arma 3 for free) Plz no hurt only joke but for real check out Arma if you haven't already!
  3. UPDATE: Click here for the pilot protocol
  4. Well no clue why they were blacklisted. It was just shortened urls for the applications. But its fixed now
  5. Gday ladies and gents. So some may be wondering what is happening with Pilot. Basically... When your of Constable rank you will be able to go for your Pilot Trainee test which will run through basic maneuvers with a Hummingbird making sure your able to safely fly and transport people etc. If you pass, you will be a Pilot Trainee Congratz, you will be able to fly Hummingbirds by yourself and will have to wait 7 days to go for the next test. If you fail you will be able to retake the test in 3 days. After you have waited the 7 day waiting period, you will be able to go for your Pilot Test. Which will run through basic maneuvers with a Hellcat making sure your able to thermal and transport people etc. If passed this will allow you to fly Hellcats. Now for the people who believe they have the piloting skill and love to fly, you will be able to apply for Senior Pilot. Pretty much if you get in and pass the test and are up to the skill level. You will be able to fly the advanced air vehicles such as the Ghost hawk, Huron, Blackfish and other vehicles. Senior Pilot Applications: Go Here That is pretty much you all need to know. Note stuff will change and be tweaked/refined so take this with a grain of salt. With the ball rolling Instructor Apps are OPEN now (There you go people who were asking me about this) Click Here for the applications.
  6. Yeah so currently, like everyone above has said is right. Currently we are making people with 300+ hours Sergeant and below that Senior Constable (If your ranked as Incremental Senior Constable for example you won't be demoted to Senior Constable you will just stay there) When the server population hopefully comes back and we have bigger numbers we will be doing rank evaluations and assign a proper rank from there. Also with training's I can't say for sure whats happening with that, it'll be tackled when server population comes back like with ranks.
  7. Back when there was some quality roleplay.
  8. Came across these two videos dating back to the good ole 3.0 days. Starring the amazing @Zaydan with his quality roleplay. Part 1 Part 2
  9. Seems to have broken after the website (DNS) switch. Any ETA on when it'll be up, even tho the server is dead atm?
  10. Can't tell if thats sarcasm or not...
  11. Says the worse staff member ever. Buuuuuuuuurrrrrrn bitch. Hehe plz no hurt <3 luv u
  12. Signed, famous twitch streamer twitch.tv/chrisevans