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  1. Server name: Sahaff Ahkmed Discord name & Tag: Sunny John #9694 Reason for application: I wanted to join the EMS team and help keep Los Santos happy and healthy Activity: I'm usually on for atleast 5 days a week, I would say I'm quite an active user usually averaging around 2/3 hours on the server a day. Experience: I have no current experience in EMS but I have volunteered at free clinics and often help out Nurses and Doctors at volunteer events
  2. Business idea Business name: LS racing ROLES 1. Head organiser- this role would be similar to a CEO in terms of rank. This person would organise the location of events and would be your go to person to talk to for info 2. Head Agent - Would be the lead organiser in terms of betting on races and entering races. He would control the cash flow for betting and you would go to him to place bets 3. Broker - works under the agent and you could talk to them to place bets but they aren't authorised enough to allow entry into a race 4. Apprentice - This role could be security for the events and they could also gear up to be a safety car How would the events work?? The head organiser would tweet out a message of the location for the event. They would also say what type of event it is. EXAMPLES OF EVENTS - Muscle car drag race at LSIA - Sports car street race: start at Job info centre - Performance car lap race @ vinewood race track these are just some examples we would also have car meets and drift events. How racing works?? to race you need to pay your entry fee of $3000 say 10 people race then thats 30000 up for grabs, winner takes 80% of the cut and 20% goes to the business e.g. 10 people race so thats 30000 in the race. One person wins and gets 80% of that which is $24000. The remaining would then go to us. .. there would also be free events for fun. How betting works. when there is a race you are able to bet on someone that you believe will win. You can bet from $1000 up to $10000 . If the person you bet on wins that you receive 2 times the amount of what you put in back For betting to work there would need to atleast 3 people betting to make it fair E.G. 5 people place a bet of $10000 on unique cars, the winning car then recieves their money for winning but the person that betted on them then gets $20000 because they bet $10000 on them Location: The location of events would vary but we could have our own garage in one of the secluded LS customs. We wouldn't be able to repair and do up cars so there would be mechanics from either Southside or Bartoss at the events to do up or repair cars if needed The reason we would have our own garage is so people can come for job interviews or if they would like to request an event or place a bid for an upcoming event. I think this business idea would be very successful because everyone loves cars on the server and it would be great if there was a good racing feature on the server which i'm certain people would love to race P.S. I know this would be hard work to complete and find but it would be very good for the server P.P.S I know that it would take a while to ensure it isn't buggy and that it works well Discord Sunny John 9694
  3. That lawyer idea sounded pretty good, Im up for it and i have some mates that would like to be a lawyer as well Business name: Vinewood Law Firm Location: somewhere in Vinewood possibly up near the pacific standard bank Roles: 1. Attorneys 2. Secretary Mission: our mission is to give the citizens of Los Santos a second hope when facing troubles with the law. Discord - #9694 sunny john