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  1. I’m Peter Panto and with the Help of the brown’s twins, I look to own the Auto Repairs Shop in the heart of Los Santos. With our expertise we will leave customers satisfied with every car, or bike that we customise for them, without the payment of an arm and a leg. However Pantos Customs, won’t just be a regular auto repair shop, we will also host car events, parties and gatherings. For these Parties to be hosted, we also need the premises located on Portola Dr (Michael’s House) at this location, we can host, parties, and gathering. There is a pool out back, tennis court, and even a spa. In the future we might also look into expanding to a bodyguard service as well. Contact Details: Peter Panto Mobile: #72932 John Brown Mobile: #87777 Paul Brown Mobile #40418 Premise Required: Los Santos Customs (Auto Repairs) EST. 1987 Michael's House on Portola Dr Contact me on Team Speak or Discord username: “PERFECT”