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FiveM Police CID Application


The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) intakes a set of applicants fortnightly, usually on Sundays, for a mandatory two-week trial phase which must be passed in order to be inducted into the division. The nature and standard of work required by CID members is not for everyone and as such, applicants are forewarned to think carefully about whether a position in the CID is for them.

The application process for the division is highly competitive and CID Command strongly encourages those interested to spend time on their application to ensure that they stand out from the pool of candidates. Mediocre applications will not be considered, regardless of the trial positions available.

In the event that your application is not successful, or that you fail to pass the two-week trial phase, CID Command encourages you to go away and work on improving your application/skills and to reapply for a future intake.

If your application is shortlisted, you will be measured against the rest of the strong applicants in your pool to see whether or not you will earn one of the limited positions available for that intake.

CID applicants must not disclose any part of their application to anybody else, other than CID Administration or CID Command. Under no circumstances are you permitted to share any question or answer from your application.

Plagiarism is highly condemned and will result in your application being denied and the potential for further punishment including being blacklisted from CID. Additionally, somebody else’s answer may not be what we are looking for.

NB: Other applicants’ answers may vary to yours, it does not mean that they are correct.

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