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OzzyGaming Altis Life has been released! Jump on and try it out! Police & EMS are recruiting - Police Whitelisting ApplicationsEMS Whitelisting Applications. Please make sure you are up to date with the Server Rules.

Ryan King

OzzyGaming Altis Life Rules

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ArmA 3 Altis Life Rules

(Last Updated: 31/07/2019)

General Rules


1.0 Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as the act of gaining information outside of role-play and using it in role-play, for example: using out of character communication to summon a friend to help you.

1.1 Do not troll. Trolling can be defined as continuously performing an action to annoy/upset or provoke a reaction from other players.

1.2 Do not real-world trade. Real-world trading is the act of trading anything outside of OzzyGaming for in-game items or vice versa. Players that real-world trade risk being permanently banned from all services without warning.

1.3 Do not exploit. Exploiting can be defined as taking advantage of an in-game bug/flaw for personal gain. 

1.4 Do not use teleport based in-game functions to escape role-play.

1.5 Transferring gear/vehicles between factions is not permitted. It does not matter if you are transferring them to another player.

1.6 Do not "RDM". Random Deathmatch can be defined as the murder/attempted murder of another player without a role-play reason and/or a declaration.

1.7 New life rule. When you die and respawn, you may not re-attend the scenario that you died in. You may not faction swap to circumvent this rule. Once you respawn, you do not have any recollection of past events in role-play. You may return to the same area after 15 minutes (presuming the role-play scenario has concluded).

1.8 Power-gaming. Power-gaming is the act of working towards a goal without the intent of role-play.

1.9 Green Zones are areas which hostile role-play cannot be commenced or brought into. These areas are reserved for role-playing and should not be interfered with.

1.10 Blue Zones are areas where hostile role-play cannot be started inside, but may be brought in from outside.

1.11 Red Zones are areas where Players may initiate hostile role-play without a declaration provided both parties are inside the zone.


Vehicle Rules


2.0 Players may not run over another player for any reason.

2.1 Players may not destroy anyone's vehicle including their own without a valid role-play reason.

2.2 Players may not ram another vehicle unless hostile role-play has been initiated. Police may pressure drive and even perform pit maneuvers whilst in a chase. However, civilians may react with lethal force if this occurs. 

2.3 Police are permitted to destroy any illegal vehicles (armoured vehicles). However, they must use a Satchel Charge. Additionally, Police are permitted to crush any non-armoured vehicles. However, they must wait until hostile role-play has concluded.

2.4 Players may not use a Truck Mission for anything other than their intended purpose. If they accept the mission, they must complete the mission. Additionally, players are not permitted to dispose of the vehicle if they do not like where they have to drive it.

2.5 Players may perform ground locking manoeuvres with a Helicopter at their own risk. If this manoeuvre causes the victim's vehicle to blow up, the player performing the manoeuvre will be held responsible and will have to compensate the victim.

2.6 Players may not sling any vehicle that has an occupant inside. The only exception to this rule is if the slinging player/group has initiated hostile role-play. You must be on foot beside the vehicle and must declare in text chat that you are attaching ropes to the vehicle. e.g. "Attaching slings to hatchback"

2.7 Players may not hover lower than 100 meters over a green safe zone Additionally, players may not fly low for an extended period of time. Players are permitted to land. However, they must endeavour to land as soon as possible.


Hostile Role-play


3.0 Players must declare before engaging in hostile role-play with another player. The available declaration options are through voice, or text messaging. Declarations must include a demand, consequence, and a reasonable time-frame. When declaring on Police, the declaration must include a location in addition to the above.

Hostile role-play is:

  • Knocking out another player.

  • Killing another player.

  • Discharging a firearm at another player.

  • Stealing another players vehicle.

  • Stealing/Robbing something from another player.

  • A Civilian tasing another Civilian.

  • A Civilian Spikestripping another Civilian.


Hostile role-play is not:

  • A Police officer tasing a Civilian.


3.1 Hostile role-play continues for 10 minutes after the last declaration has been sent or the last shot has been fired. During this time you are not permitted to log out or enter any Green Zones.

3.2 Police may not send prisoners to prison whilst hostile role-play is being conducted.




4.0 Players may be taken as a hostage as long as hostile role-play has been initiated. Once taken hostage, the captors must interact with the hostage for the duration of the capture. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the hostage being released by an Administrator.

4.1 If a Player/Group wishes to exchange a hostage for money from the Police, they must be willing to negotiate a price. The maximum amount a Civilian is worth is 300K. Police may take up to 10 minutes to respond to demands concerning hostages, once this time-frame is concluded, Players/Groups may execute their hostage.




5.0 Players must role-play all scenarios. Failure to do so is considered fail role-play this can be defined as the act of failing to stick to your in-game persona or behaving in a way that is not typical of a role-play server.

5.1 Players may not run off if they are released from handcuffs due to being restrained for too long. The only exception to this rule is if there are no Players nearby.

5.2 Players must always value their life above all other outcomes. 

5.3 Players entering an ongoing firefight to be a nuisance is not permitted.


Emergency Services


6.0 Police are not permitted to be corrupt.

6.1 Police must be on TeamSpeak 3 and in the appropriate channel.

6.2 Police/EMS must log off their slots if they plan on going AFK for an extended period of time.

6.3 Medics are not a threat and should not typically be treated as one. The only exception to this rule is if they enter a hostile area begin reviving people. If this occurs Players are permitted to declare on them.


Non-Player Robberies


7.0 In order to rob any facility apart from a store, there must be at least 3 Players in a group.

7.1 Players must intend to complete a robbery in its entirety.

7.2 Whilst robbing a facility, Players must give any Police in the vicinity 30 seconds to leave before. Once this timeframe has concluded, Players may shoot any Police on sight.

7.3 Players are permitted to third party a robbery as long as they send a group declaration to the Police.



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Changelog 15/08/2019


All previous change logs are outdated and you should re-read the rules for the new release.


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