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1030's Magisrate Application

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1030's Magistrate Application

OOC Contact Info
1030#0001 (discord) TenThirty (steam)


Character Name
Steve Anderson

Criminal Record (N if none)

Why do you wish to become a magistrate?
I wish to become a magistrate to assist with the judicial system in the city. I have a keen and vested interest in the law and practicing it. The chambers at city hall are currently understaffed and under utilised and I wish to bring my experience to the team to assist with access to legal services for both the residents of the city, and the government departments i.e NSWPOL. I look forward to the variety of the job and the vastness in landscape of cases and interactions I will have with members of our community.

What do you think the role of a Magistrate is?
A magistrate hears both criminal and civil matters in court. for criminal cases they consider evidence and decide whether a person is guilty or not guilty of an offence after being charged by the police. A magistrate then imposes a penalty on those who are either found guilty or plead guilty to offences. for civil cases they must consider both sides arguments and evidence, and make a fair assessment and reach the best and most fair outcome. The magistrate's role in court is to ensure that justice is administered fairly and impartially.

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