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Squad Server Rules

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1 - General Server Rules:

1.1 - Do not abuse any other community members, this can include but not limited to racism, discrimination, hateful and grossly offensive speech. This includes within player names and squad names.

1.2 - OzzyGaming is an Australian based community and all communication is to be in English.

1.3 - OzzyGaming is a community for mature minded players and administered as such - some coarse language and themes are to be expected when playing on our servers. Minor grievances are expected to be resolved between the involved parties or simply by ignoring each other - staff will only intervene if it starts to negatively impact the enjoyment of others.

1.4 - Nobody likes cheaters, cheating will not be tolerated, if you are caught cheating you will be permanently banned from all OzzyGaming services.

1.5 - Do not exploit in-game mechanics or glitches to gain an advantage over other players.

1.6 - Trolling is strictly prohibited. Trolling can be defined as continuously performing an action to annoy/upset or provoke a reaction from other players.

1.7 - Do not AFK in the server, if you need to head off for a few minutes to do something, that is fine, however if you are away from the keyboard for a long time you will be kicked.

1.8 - Our staff team are volunteers, please treat them with courtesy and respect. All their instructions must be followed promptly and faithfully, regardless of whether you agree or not.

1.9 - Staff are not always online or monitoring chat/servers. All issues (Except ban appeals and staff complaints -  see 1.10) should be raised in Teamspeak for urgent issues or via Discord/Website for less urgent. Please be prepared to provide some evidence to backup your claims.

1.10 - Staff complaints and ban appeals must be lodged via the appropriate forms on our website - anywhere else will be removed and a warning issued, refusal to stop will result in removal from all other services.

1.11 - Breaching any rule because another player does is never a valid defence.

1.12 - OzzyGaming empowers staff to act to protect the server, community and services. This includes but not limited to balancing servers and maintaining an enjoyable gaming experience on our servers.

1.13 - Imitating a staff member will result in being banned from all OzzyGaming services.

1.14 - These rules are open to adjustment and update, ignorance will not be an acceptable defence. Staff will endeavour to announce rule changes but the responsibility remains with the players.

2 - Communication & Squad Leader Rules:

2.1 - Spamming will not be tolerated (voice/chat).

2.2 - Squad leaders must have a mic, no exceptions.

2.3 - Squad leaders reserve the right to remove any members who are not following instructions or being disruptive.

2.4 - It is preferred that all squad members have a microphone to communicate with the squad, however, text chat can be used if you do not have a mic.

2.5 - Squad leaders are expected to assist their squad as best they can, including helping new players if they are able and it is practical too at that time.

2.6 - Squad leaders are permitted to require mic usage in their squads but this must be noted in the Squad name to warn players.

2.7 - Players must never create Squads without the intention of leading them.

2.8 - Squads can be locked to reserve space for friends or clan mates during staging and into the first 5 minutes of gameplay – however no squad is to remain locked if it has 4 or fewer members - The only exception is for vehicle squads which must have at least 2 members.

3 - Gameplay Rules:

3.1 - Squad is a game built on team play and communication, all players are expected to play accordingly.

3.2 - Metagaming is strictly prohibited. Metagaming can be defined as gaining information outside of the game (TeamSpeak, Discord or other services) and using it in-game to your advantage. Server balancing is not considered Metagaming however deliberately team swapping to obtain information is.

3.3 - Team killing is strictly prohibited. Accidents happen but continued, deliberate or malicious team killing (or wounding) will be punished severely.

3.4 - Squad members are expected to follow the instructions of the Squad leader unless it would breach a server rule or staff instruction.

3.5 - If a team is fully capped out the game should end quickly due to ticket bleed. However, staff reserve the right to end a match early for a fresh game to begin in such circumstances.

3.6 - Wasting assets is not permitted and abandoned vehicles may be used by other Squads.

3.7 - Players are expected to join a squad - Unassigned players may be kicked to free up slots.

4 - Seeding Rules:

4.1 - 'Seeding' is the period when the server is starting to build population, seeding rules apply until the server reaches 20 v 20 (40 total players) plus some reasonable leeway.

4.2 - During seeding do not deliberately destroy or camp enemy FOB's and logistics vehicles. Forcing players to travel a great distance on foot will cause seeding to take more time (Which no one wants).

4.3 - Seeding will generally automatically trigger Infantry Only variants (INF) of maps, these maps are small so please do not camp uncapturable points (Main bases).

4.4 - If one side is dominating, that side should pull back to allow the other side a fighting chance and not camp in ambush positions permanently - You might not get as many kills but if you kill the server seeding by being a dick then you will be removed.

4.5 - While seeding both teams should be fighting over the central points and not pushing to cap bases closer to each other's spawns.

4.6 - FOB's should not be built on the central points, if this is done then the enemy team may destroy these FOB's - this is the only exception to 4.2.

4.7 - When 6 or fewer players in total, players are welcome to have knife fights and other mutually agreed on games until more players join.

4.8 - Especially on larger maps, both teams must be given an opportunity to set up a FOB for their team near the central points without coming under attack. This should happen soon after each team reaches 3 players (min required to create a FOB).

Last update: 08/10/18

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