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First Impressions

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I've been around the Santos RP community since late 2016 / early 2017 and been around all types of Santos servers, good and bad. These are my first impression on Ozzy gaming's take at Santos


1. As I first load in, the motd seems to link to an old misforums link, simple link update shouldn't be too hard. https://petitebob.com/u/09.27.55-01.12.19.png

2. Server performance is a large issue, regular performance drops and averaging 40 frames on an empty server. From my experience, this is due to the map and the boat load of Gmod store addon this server has.   https://petitebob.com/u/09.31.07-01.12.19.png

3. The non santos parts of the server / the core parts of Santos IE the inventory bank, ATM's, inventory, job selection ..... are either not there or completely different. The original Santos content works perfectly and is made for the gamemode with performance in mind.  

4. You're using Rockford Open & Wac aircraft, my experience this is a horrid idea. Performance is certainly be another issue

5. Overall server rules are extremely bare and a missing key points. I don't have the time to list them all, but here are a few. To sum it up, I originally made the rules for GGS back in 2017 and the bare minimum myself and any other manager could get them down to was a 15 page word document (With formatting) 

  1. Nothing regarding police ratio on crimes
  2. Nothing about committing crime on new players, with the mug limit being $5,000, I'd rather not lose half my money when I first start. 
  3. Nothing about gang rules / gang wars?
  4. No mugging time limit or hostage time limit

6. One thing I noticed right off the bat, where is the player screen? The core part of Santos, showing health, inventory, stats and the like? 

7. Where is the Santos? https://petitebob.com/u/09.47.29-01.12.19.png

To me what I can see, is this is a Darkrp server with purchased addons on to make it look like Santos. I personally have known alot of former GGS players move to Ozzy, can't see them playing on Ozzy's own Santos server if it's darkrp. 

Just a point to note, I'm not being negative, just critical. Not a single Santos server has been able to last more then a couple of months other then GGS. It's extremely competitive to win over certain players and with Heavy's own tactics, not easy either. I personally believe the server will have greater success if you run it and call it a DarkRP server, because this is nothing like the Santos people have played or expect. 

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Thankyou for your input PetiteBob, Myself and fellow staff with take everything you have stated into account to make the server the best it can be!


Regards, Curtis

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