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OzzyGaming Squad Server - NOW LIVE

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Greetings all,

As part of our plans to build and develop our community in both size and scope, we have been successful in our application for a Server license for Squad. We are just in the process of setting the server up and plan to have it ready to play tonight.

Squad is about to become free to play (3 hours approx from this post) and also will be 40% off for those who enjoy it - Note it is about 13.2GB to download (37 GB storage) so those on slow connections may find the download takes a while. For the first few days, the Executives and Managers will be covering the administration of the server but soon we will have a form ready for people to express their interest in helping to look after the server and will build a staff team for the server.

We expect it to be a bit turbulent while everyone gets up to speed and the server settles but we believe this will be a great new addition for Ozzy in a slightly different style than we normally run. Squad is based off the old Project Reality mod from many years ago (for those who remember) and is all about teamwork and communication - Fair warning, we will be implementing rules ensuring that these principles are upheld on the server as it is a requirement from the Developer who granted us the license and because it keeps the game fun for all players.

For more information:

For now, I am taking the lead of the Squad server and will be acting as its manager until a suitable candidate is found to operate it just like our other servers. So please direct questions and such to me in the meantime. I am happy to hear your suggestions, thoughts and comments (as long as they remain constructive).


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The server is ready to go. If people need any help or guidance, I am happy to assist.

Server name: OzzyGaming.com.au/discord - Squad Server

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