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Money Truck (Robbery) - Mini Event Guide

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The Low Down:
A Gruppe6 money truck drops off collects old money that is to be destroyed from local businesses and banks. At the end of their run, they are required to destroy the old tender at the Union Depository. The collected money is clean and still valid until it has been destroyed.

Civilians may attempt to rob the Gruppe6 money truck during its run but must follow the below guidelines:


  • The money truck is bulletproof with bullet proof tyres (this must be RPed).
  • There are a minimum of three security officers with the truck at all times. The driver, the cash man and security guard(s). The driver is in a locked cab - only they can open the door internally under special conditions.
  • All security personnel are armed and have a silent alarm to notify police if they’re in distress.
  • The money truck is on-site at businesses/banks from 1 - 3 minutes.
  • The truck carries a maximum of $150,000. Starting from $15,000 and collecting more throughout the run. (Patience and planning is key).
  • Maximum of 6 people per group trying to rob the truck.
  • The money is considered safe when the cash man enters the Union Depository Elevator. You cannot wait/guard/hide inside the Union Depository elevator or floors below as this is considered a secure building.
  • You can only ram the cash truck with a vehicle of equal or greater size to the cash truck outside of Los Santos City.
  • Server rules still apply during the mini-event.
  • If you are killed during the Gruppe6 event you can not return and continue robbing

Robbing the truck:

  1. In order to open the rear door, civilians must roleplay “lock picking” the door for the duration of 2 minutes.
  2. You must be standing at the door for 2 minutes and state “We are lockpicking” at the start.
  3. The driver will start a 2 minute timer and announce this verbally, after 2 minutes the rear door will open.
  4. If civilians walk away from the rear door during “lock picking” the timer cancels and you must start again.

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