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FiveM Change Log 1.10 [18/06/2018]

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G'day OzzyGamers.


As always, if you have any suggestions for the FiveM Server, you can start a thread here. If you have found any bugs, then you may report them here.



- Animation menu hotkey (Set to F3 right now, but likely to be rebound in the future as this may conflict with controllers).

- Gruppe6 Ped.

- Gas pump at Mission Row for Police to use before they start patrolling.

- Showroom for Twilight Dealership.

- Various cosmetic changes for Twilight Dealership.



- Job payouts (first round of balancing).

- More interfaces moved to the bottom right.

- Police vehicles will now spawn clean.

- More disabled controls while restrained.



- Garage duplication exploit.

- Job swapping not setting you to off duty.

- Weapons being removed when you log off.

- Performance issues with various scripts.

- Many other exploits.



- Various scripts that were causing server lag.

- Various sounds that were bugging out and playing globally.


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