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Thank You! - June Donation Goal

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On behalf of the server team, we would like to say a huge THANK YOU.


Over the last few days, we have hit our monthly donation goal of $731!

This comes amongst our release of a new donation rewards system, mainly surrounding our FiveM servers. It was great to see so much support from the community in such a short period of time.

FiveM EULA policy states that servers are allowed to accept donations and offer incentives in order to cover server costs. However, there is a strict policy that communities are not to make a profit from FiveM in any way.

We are not here to be greedy capitalists and as such, we are now required to stop accepting donations for June. Donations and rewards will be available again from 01 July 2018.

We have received valuable feedback over the past week regarding our donation rewards system and will endeavour to update this going forward. First and foremost, running a gaming community is not cheap and we do need donations to stay afloat. However, we are all gamers and understand the frustration of potentially pay-2-win monetisation models. Our recent subscription and reward perks were released fairly quickly and it may be necessary to review and change some values going forward. It's a constant battle of rewards needing to be a good incentive and rewards being too overpowered. We will continue to find a balance and are happy to hear suggestions as to what you guys want.

With approximately 30 subscriptions, almost all platinum over the past week, we have really seen the popularity of this service. Thank you to all those generous players who have become subscribers this month!

The executive team will be reviewing and releasing an updated donation policy and rewards system for July over the coming weeks. If you have any constructive ideas, feel free to reply here or contact one of us directly in Discord.

Thanks again!

Community Manager

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