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Car Price List?

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Is there a list of prices anywhere? Don't really want to hassle a dealer by sitting there for 30 minutes asking the price of every vehicle.

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Hi Cat,

There isn't a list because every dealership has different prices.

What happens is for each car the government gives a Cost Price that the dealership buys it for + a maximum price that they are allowed to sell it for - This cost price may change from time to time. Its then up to the individual dealership to decide what percentage they markup the vehicle within those limits so that the dealership makes profit and they can pay staff wages. some dealerships do have discount programs in place and business partnerships that will lower that percentage (e.g. Fishers has a Platinum Membership to lower the percentage).

This is the same as mechanics with their modifications.

I know its not the answer you are looking for but hopefully this helps.

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