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How we will work:

We will take an entry fee of $20,000 with making a total of $240,000 with 12 racers (Not Including any Bet’s Made) leaving 50% ($120,000 going of 12 racers) of the money to go the winner at the end of the Final.

Each Event will have 12 racers or more. For an example 4 will race at a time with the last 2 leaving the game and the 2 winners going forward and this will repeat until we have only 6 winners. The 6 winners will move forward 2 will go at a time and the 3 winners move forward to the next race. The 3 winners will move forward and all 3 will race to give a 1st 2nd 3rd. The winner will receive the winning title and $120,000. (Or more depending on the number of racers and bets made.)




All of our events will be green zones so strictly no weapons allowed.

Must Be on time or you will be disqualified and will not be refunded or your entry fee and lose any champion points won during the event

Each Race is 3  Laps Each Driver gets a practices lap

No intentional ramming during races

All events will always be in RP so all players are expected to be in character at all times.

Follow Circuit Marshals Commands And instructions to have a good fair race. If you fail to follow the Marshals Commands, you will be disqualified from the race and removed from the race site.

No backchatting the Marshals or telling them they're wrong. The Circuit Marshals word is final.

No Running around on the track

all racers cars will be treated by our pit crew before and after each race


Betting Rules and Instructions:

Employees of JCS Racing will set up all bets by invoicing and then writing down the Steam name, Amount, Phone Number and Racer all on a recorded spreadsheet.
If the racer you bet on wins then an Employee will phone you to meet them and claim your winnings.
All winning bets will be times by 2-3 depending on the event.
All bets made are not refundable. The betting system is very simple you either win or lose.


Location of Races and Timetable:


Vinewood Racetrack



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about 1 week to set things up

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This is gonna be good. VERY good.

Devil Z is hungry...

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