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G'day OzzyGamers,

I'd like to announce that the OzzyGaming Exile server is well into development and should be released in the next coming weeks...

Over the past few days the Exile Development team have been creating Ozzy's Exile server. As some of you may know, this was a mission that I began in 2016 with the help of other OzzyGaming team members. Unfortunately, due to resourcing issues, Exile was never released, although it did reach the end of its QA phase and was almost ready for launch.

I am extremely happy to see our Exile server coming back and the Exile team have been doing some great work to get this project back up and running. 

I will make another release soon to explain more about the server itself, but until then, feel free to pop into the Exile text channels on our discord and get involved with the conversation. Have your say! What would you like to see on this server? 

Feel free to strike up a conversation in these channels and our exile developers; John Smith, Chris Evans and barks will be more than happy to read your suggestions and comments. I will try my hardest to keep you updated, but I know if I don't, those three will. 

Another Quality Assurance phase will be setup pre-release, so if you are interested in getting early access to the Exile server keep your eyes peeled for the sign up forms! 


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1 hour ago, fullgamer1809 said:

Witch Exile game is this there are a lot of game's called exile

Exile is an Arma 3 mod, which basically DayZ on Arma

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On ‎19‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 2:39 PM, Pedro lopez said:

Test Developer tags back??

Community Member is a dev my friend,




Stuff the smelly subscribers

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