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FiveM Announcement [17/05/2018]

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G’day OzzyGamers.

This is a comprehensive announcement aimed at answering most questions we have received over the past few weeks. This is basically a short essay, so I apologise for that.

Over the past month or so our FiveM server has grown substantially and we are delighted to provide you with an environment to RP in. However, there are a few important topics we need to address. 



We offer most of our support in Teamspeak 3 (ts.ozzy.life) if you hop on here and enter the waiting room, we will try our best to help solve your issue, however, our numbers are limited. There are times that we cannot be on to deal with an issue, in that instance, you can submit a support ticket here. If you have a general inquiry, we have set up a support channel on Discord, which is actively monitored by our staff members. We are always looking for competent people who want to make a difference on our server to join the team, so if this sounds like you, then you can apply here.


Rule Enforcement

When we first launched our server, we were very soft when punishing rule breakers as the player base was at a very manageable state. With the peak player count over two servers at 56 at our best, we are finding it increasingly difficult to sustain this course of action. We have subsequently decided to start enforcing our rules in a more harsh manner to weed out the people who are here just to troll and make it difficult for those of you who want to be here.

If you are here to RP and be a constructive member of the community, then you have nothing to worry about, however, if you are here to troll, fail RP, or break any of our rules, then you will be removed.

Regular Players

As a regular player, you are expected to have read our rules at least once. If you break any of these rules, then you will be held accountable. It is your responsibility to read the rules. 



Suggestions are very valuable to us, we are always looking to improve our service to you, so if you can think of anything we can do better, let us know here . If you would like to see a certain car added to the game, or a function added to the server, let us know.

Business Ownership/Business Whitelisting Applications

We understand that a lot of you are enthusiastic about owning a business, we have received over 50 business applications in the last couple of months. There are only so many businesses that we can add to the server. We have added 12 businesses that have progression + have the ability to launder money with 4 more being developed. These businesses are hiring, and you may apply to join one of them here.

The existing businesses need workers in order to RP, these organizations are set up in a way that offers progression, who knows, one day you may end up helping manage a business! With this in mind, we need a middle class, meaning not everyone can own a business.



We are planning on rolling out further changes to the character switching system, you will be able to have two characters instead of three, one EMS/Police character, and one civilian character. The aim of this is to make your character liable for illegal activity, right now there isn’t really any consequences for illegal activity. 

When you buy a vehicle, the number plate is saved under your name, which means every time you run from the Police, there is a chance that your plate has been recorded. Every illegal act you do on your character will more than likely be recorded by the Police if caught and followed up by a Detective, so be very careful and try not to get caught. Simply pulling over and talking to the Police officer, and paying a ticket is an easy way to stay off the radar, so consider this before you evade!



Development on the server is going strong, we have a passionate bunch of people working on updates most nights, we push updates to the live server every couple of weeks to introduce new content/bug fixes/modifications (sometimes weekly). A changelog will generally follow after a server update, they are posted here . The server is about 2 months old and is still in quite early stages of development, so we are doing our best to add content and balance things out, so please be patient.



A bunch of you approached us regarding donation perks, we would love to offer these, however, this is impossible. FiveM has a very strict policy in regards to making money off this platform. The only thing we can offer is badges on Teamspeak 3, Discord, and the website. The server runs entirely on donations, so any donations will be greatly appreciated.



Kind regards,

OzzyGaming FiveM Management Team.

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