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Job Guide - Gruppe6 Security

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So you wanna be a Gruppe6 Driver...

First things first, make your way to Centrelink (purple icon)


and select the Job by entering this circle.



Travel to the image.png.3560c0f786b9bf94bb0a5c1dd94c1150.png

From here you need to get into uniform. Do this by entering the Yellow circle and pressing "E"


Once on the clock, head over the yard and enter the other Yellow marker and spawn the truck.


Note : this takes a security deposit of $2000 which is refundable on return of the truck.  (Temporally Disabled ?)
Don't spam the "spawn truck" as it will take $2000 as a deposit for each time you do it. If it's the first time doing the job the server has to send your computer the truck model so there may be a 1-2 min delay, just be patient. If it takes longer than that ask for staff to assist you in chat. If you "spam the spawn" you may not be able to be reimbursed.

Once you have the Truck you need to goto the highlighted spots on the Map.


Once you arrive, make your way to the Yellow Circle and press "E". This completes the Pickup and cycles the next location.


Once you have completed all the pickup's it's time to make some money.

Jump in the truck and drive it to the Yard that you got the truck.

Drive to the circle and press "E".



Once again, no Dirty cash here, just clean folding bills. (Don't forget to bank it, I may or may not have done the entire run, I cannot remember.)

So now you are all cashed up and standing there with your sav out, you can either do another run or head to the "Locker Room" to Get back in Civies

To get out of uniform, do this by entering the Yellow circle and pressing "E"



Thanks for looking.


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