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Police Commissioner Election - Expression of Interet

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G'day Gamers,

Together with consultation from the server management team and the current police cabinet, we have come to the agreement that the police should have a figurehead person to act as a leader of the police force. We are very happy with the system of a group cabinet for decision making etc. but feel it is essential that all teams have a designated leader.

As such, we have deemed it a good idea to put the position up to a public popular vote. (>50%)

This announcement serves as an opportunity to express your interest in running for the position.
Note: There are no eligibility requirements for the position, however all reasonable EOI's will be consulted by the server management team to confirm eligibility before names are put on a final ballot.

This short form should be used to submit your expression of interest. https://goo.gl/forms/aEJVa568phslj2n72

Should we receive multiple acceptable EOI's that would constitute in too many names for a single election to realistically win the popular vote, a preliminary public vote will be held to shortlist the final candidates. 

Expressions of interest will close in 24 hours at 2300 AEDT. With the intention of concluding the election within 1 week.

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