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Hi i’m new and i don’t know what to do

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Don't know why I didn't see this post earlier... There should be some guides on this forum that may help you out. Best to be safe than get yourself in trouble in the beginning!

Cubix (one of our admins) made a wonderful little post that I will share with you below.


If you have any questions just reach out in OOC, Discord, TS or here.

Good luck mate.


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Gidday @sigh.cropper


Welcome to OzzyGaming! I'm unsure how this post slipped past everyone!

As J-Dub has shared above, I made a brief post recently for another player who had just joined the roleplay scene. To see the full thread visit here https://www.ozzygaming.com.au/topic/3321-hey-guys-new-and-looking-for-helpadvice/?do=findComment&comment=12217


Please don't hesitate to reach out and get in touch with any of us, regular players, business owners or staff members! We are always happy to help and can be found in Discord under the general/support channels, or in TeamSpeak at ts.ozzy.life


Happy Gaming!


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