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Hi, I'm Cubix!

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Hi everyone!

I've been hanging around OzzyGaming for just over two weeks now. I'm sure I've bumped into a few of you along the way and feel now is a good time to say, hello! Sorry for any toes I may have stepped on already!

RP, GTA and FiveM are still very new to me as I come from an FPS gaming background but am loving it so far! I've previously co-founded and managed a successful and very active Battlefield series community called, Brothers of Battlefield, which had 150 active members and several popular servers across Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4. My steam library has a ridiculous amount of games I've never touched but I enjoy playing CS:GO/Source and the Age of Empires series, during my downtime. After taking a break for two years I am looking to get back into gaming - so here we are with something new, FiveM!

I'm still getting used to a few things but have found the transition into FiveM smooth with the ongoing support of the awesome community members, server players, and staff members. I'm currently bouncing around between a few Discords but am super keen to hang out with new people when playing so hit me up: CubixNZ#3170!

I'm a Kiwi who works in the News and Television production industry and hope to introduce some of this to role-play and contribute back to the community any way I can. You may have seen some of my news articles in the Ozzy Discord already - constructive feedback is always welcome!

Always up for a chat and helping new people like myself get used to things quickly since I've recently been there. The idea of becoming a Police Officer, EMS or dispatcher is very appealing and something I hope to be doing in due time.

See you out there,


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