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"Hello?... Is it me you're lookin for?..."

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"I can see it in your eyes... I can see it in your smile... "

Ahoy me matees! ThatRandomOzzy here, Oz or Ozzy is what they call me. Please excuse the informality, it's just the way I wind. O.o They made me with a little cuckoo in my coconut, so I have to keep busy to keep him quiet... which means I get to play with all the fun toys they give me whenever I want!! :D  Always keen to chill with new friends and alleviate the boredom, so don't be shy now. ;)

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I'm almost a whole month late but a very belated welcome to you! I hope you are still hanging around and that we have bumped into one another on the server in these past few weeks. I am a sucker for some Lionel Richie every now and then...

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